Friday, February 18, 2011

Future President??

My little patriotic man:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 14

What Valentines Day means to me??
I've never thought much of Valentines Day. It's a silly holiday in my opinion but of course I do celebrate it. Only because I love my boys and I want to show them that on the day dedicated to telling people you love them. Brandon did pretty good this year on his gift giving:He had these beautiful roses sent to my work! And also got these for me!

He helped contribute to my Pandora bracelet too!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

good reading

If anyone is looking for a good book to read I have just the suggestion:

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo- Amazon has it for just $9.08. I've even made the search easier- click here and you can get your copy. It's about a little boys trip to heaven and back! I promise it will be the best 10.00 you have spent! I read it all in one day, I did cry the entire book because it is so amazing!

I'll leave you on this note: One day when my time is over on this earth I CAN NOT wait to see the face of my 2 babies as they welcome me with open arms into heaven.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Specialist Update

Tuesday we got the results from our specialist appointment. My genetic test (the only non curable problem) came back negative, the test to determine changes in my body since having Aiden came back negative, and all my blood work test came by negative except one test. The doc told use he's had patients that have had problems in all areas, Yikes! The one blood test I was postive for is called- A 1298C Homozygous genetic mutation..... UMM yea ok! In short I have 2 mutated genes which I inherited this from my mom AND dad that do not allow my folic acid, B12, B6 to circulate. Basically the baby will not get folic acid and will not survive and if they do about 70% will have birth defects. SOOO Aiden......basically a miracle!! Luckily this can be treated very easy, I started taking a prescribed vitamin yesterday! I also had low progesterone levels so I will take medicine for that too. Overall everything went well and we feel like we finally have answers.