Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Aiden experienced his first trip to the playground on Fri. and let's just say we will def be back many more times. He had so much fun. Next time we will go WITH OUT (sorry I left the word "out" out of the sentence and it changed the whole context) daddy because he wasn't as good a trooper as Aiden. He didn't enjoy all the other kids and suprisingly stayed very tense the whole time we were there that Aiden would get hurt. Next time we go I will ask for takers to go with me and Aiden. Enjoy the many pictures I couldn't decide which ones to post so you get them all!

More pics from the weekend to come but for now this will have to do!

Friday, April 24, 2009

walking tall...

15 months old today...WOW he is growing fast! Aiden went for his 15 month old checkup today and everything went well. The poor child is getting tall and skinny to go right along with his red headed curls, hopefully he won't get picked on to bad if he doesn't grow out if it (no offense). He weighed 23 lbs and 31 inches.
Aiden is learning a lot and surprising me and Brandon at how smart he is. Despite his lack of words he has his own way of informing us what he wants (mainly he just gets it himself). I have been working on him using more words but he would rather grunt (which drives me crazy). He will bring you a cup when he wants to drink or go to the fridge. Sometimes he will tell you "milk" or "cup". He understands outside, bath, eat, Gram's, Nonna's, school, and the dreaded one church. Wait that didn't sound good we do enjoy church but Aiden does not at all. He cried EVERY Sunday morning as soon as we walk through the doors (he knows from the people at the counter that its not a school day).
Speaking of school I've been told by Aiden's teachers at school he is one of the best in his class (I had my mom ask his teachers for the truthful answer because thats hard for me to believe and they agreed he is very good). At home Aiden is a regular tantrum thrower and at school, NEVER. At home he doesn't eat well, rarely naps, doesn't play well, and just wants to be held, at school he plays, eats, naps, and doesn't fuss or fight. All this said....Aiden loves school. Although school does cause a lot of his sickness I will have to say I'm very thankful it has gotten so easy for Aiden to go to school.
Aiden really is a good boy and loads of fun. The doctor asked me today if we have changed our minds and every plan on having other kids (she remembers I always said I wouldn't after what I went through at his birth) cause Aiden is so good, I took it as a compliment. Although we don't plan on more kids anytime soon I do hope when we do they are as good as him.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've been tagged

I was tagged by Jessica, http://4ourhappilyeverafter.blogspot.com/, (I still haven't figured out how to make the name come up without typing the whole web address) a college friend of mine with one of the most adorable little boys.

8 Things I look forward to:
1. Destin in just 4 weeks which is also my anniversary (so maybe thats 2 in 1)
2. Mothers day in just 2 weeks
3. finishing my Masters in Education so I can teach
4. moving back to Hornsby to teach
5. Berkley and Halah's weddings
6. building the home of my dreams and paying cash for it
7. watching Aiden grow
8. one day having more children

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. worked
2. woke 30 minutes late but still got myself and Aiden dressed and out the house on time
3. went to a tastefully simple party
4. ate a fabulous Healthy choice microwave meal
5. watched all my children, the biggest loser, and the hills from mon night
6. brushed my teeth and showered
7. took and picked up Aiden from school
8. held Aiden as much as possible

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Find a job I love
2. lose weight to fit in my pre pregnancy clothes
3. teach
4. Brandon and I retire at 50 if not before
5. run like I used to and FAST and do many more races
6. go on a shopping spree with someone elses money
7. buy a whole new wardrobe
8. take Aiden to a Miss state/Tn game and see who he cheers for :)

8 shows I watch:
1. all my children
2. the biggest loser
3. american idol
4. the hills
5. the city
6. greys anatomy
7. desperate housewifes
8. private practice
OHHH MY GOODNESS I WATCH WAYYY TO MUCH TV cause I could continue on for awhile.

Now I tag 8 bloggers
1. shanna lee
2. laura lee
3. rachel moore
4. erin hornsby
5. jan palmer
6. Gina Bowling
7. Jen marksberry
8. Elizabeth Wiggs

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You get the best of both worlds.....

What an exciting weekend! Despite sickness Aiden actually had a fun eventful weekend. We went to Hornsby for Callie's (Brandon's cousins little girl) 4th birthday...Hannah Montana style. Even though he was the baby at the party he was right in the middle of things and had a lot of fun. He got some smarties from the pinata and boy was he in love with those. Oh and in case you can't tell from the title I do know a little Hannah Montana lyrics myself.the birthday girl, Callie Brooke
Ally with all her candy
Hannah Montana Guitar Pinata- I tried to get a pic but they had it down before I could get the camera out

Aiden with Ally's glasses

If he has to be at a H.M. party atleast be somewhat cool.
Callie's cake

Sunday morning he had his first ever bubble bath which was actually an attempt to get his fever down but he hated the bubbles. I drained all the water in hopes of them going away and while they were moving down the drain Aiden decided they might not be so bad. I ran the water again and added bubbles and this time was MUCH better.

Finally Aiden wore his orange in support of Stellan today and he even made it on the Orange for Stellan page of MckMamma's website. He is clapping because he knows he is fixing to get yogurt.

Monday, April 20, 2009


If you aren't already please pray for Stellan and the McKinney family tomorrow, when Stellan will face a procedure that will change his life and his mommy's life forever. I don't know this family personally but "Stellan" has become a normal dinner time talk at our home. The link to Stellans story is on the right hand side of the page beside this post.

On another note, this may surprise you but Aiden has been sick again...viral infection. The doc has decided to put him on Singular and FloNase along with daily Zyrtec in hopes of helping with his allergies. So far it hasn't seemed to help much but it's just a roller coaster, a few hours he feels great and a few hours later he wants to be held and fussy. We are doing everything we possibly can to help him but it just seems when we get him well, it's something else. However I did inform him we only have 4 weeks until we go to the beach and he seemed VERY excited!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

my sweet family

The holiday Easter is done and gone but the true meaning remains forever. I hope everyone remembered the true meaning of what Easter is.... in Quintons words "Jesus is ALIVE".
We had a wonderful Easter with our families and by far ate wayyy too much. Aiden woke and enjoyed playing with beach toys the Easter bunny brought him. We began the day at West Jackson with a wonderful service and great singing. It's soo awesome to sing about Jesus being alive and living in my life. After church we went to Hornsby to eat with Brandons family and enjoy an Easter egg hunt with the kidos which Aiden really enjoyed. He was WAY more interested in opening every egg and eating the chocolate out of them. Yes you read that right my 15 month old likes chocolate...he takes after his mommy what can I say? I do not deprive him from the savory taste of chocolate. Ok back on track, after a great time with Brandons family we came back to Jackson for a dinner with my family. Aiden loved spending time with his cousins and Grams house was full of yelling, laughter, and of course tears from the kids playing too rough.
WARNING...the pictures may make your heart melt:

Easter outfit

Aiden playing with his beach toys

Princess Ella in her pretty purple dress

Aiden with his cousins, Deaton and Ally

Being silly

I know he is TOO precious

loving his cousins

hunting eggs with Brandon
Nonna was a big help with finding eggs, you know those big bright colored things are hard to find in the grass! :)

Ally found a real egg

run run run

look at all the eggs he and Ally got


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

hunt for a cure

"I may not feel good but I will participate!"
Many of you have asked about Aiden, THANK YOU SOO MUCH! Aiden is doing semi better (does that make sense). He has only had 5-6 nasty diapers today, which is not many compared to the 15-20 he has had the past couple of days. We have gone through 3 loads of laundry from pants and shirts Aiden has messed up the past couple of days. We are pretty sure he is having a reaction from the medicine he is on for his ear infections. The doctor gave Aiden something WAYYY to strong and we have now gotten a new prescription for good ol amoxicillon, which doesn't bother his stomach. However, I have decided not to give him any more meds until these tummy issues clear up. He has had NO interest in eating and last night when he wanted to non stop drink water I was sooo excited. Until he looked at me, let out a wimper, and BLLAAAAHHHH!! (sorry so graphic)! That was Aiden's 1st time to throw up and he got it ALL over mommy! :) I'm not real sure who was crying harder me or Aiden. Brandon was laughing so you can only imagine how much more angry that made me. Anyway.... Aiden slept well last night and was up at 6 this morning and as soon as he got down from the bed he ran to the fridge and wanted something to drink. I of course was a little fearful of what would happen if he drank too much so I gave him sprite and prayed he would keep it down. SUCCESS!!! I took him to school today for his easter egg hunt and he has done FANTASTIC. Of course he ate all his lunch, sleeping good, not fussy, and like I said before only a few messy diapers. The boy loves school! I did manage to make it to his egg hunt and capture a few pics. One thing that does concern me is the outfit he has on is 6-9 months, he's 15 MONTHS OLD!!! WHAT??? All his summer clothes are 18 months so let's pray for no more stomach problems, he CAN NOT lose anymore weight.

I forgot his new doggy Easter basket and he had to use this sack and orange bucket!

He might not eat food but he loves these plastic eggs! :)

His appearance has changed SO much lately!

6-12 month pants and they are falling off, haha, and too short!

Mommy and Aiden

Droopy Eyes

hunt over.... now going for a ride but he did not want to give up that egg!