Sunday, November 30, 2008

Santa Clause is coming to town....

After Thursday we did end up having an ok weekend, despite me being a little under the weather. Friday of course I did my annual Christmas shopping trip, this year alone because my mom was sick and I did a lot of shopping for her. I have to say no store I went to was really crazy. I even went right to Wal Mary got what I needed, walked to an empty check out line and left within 10 minutes. Saturday we did a little more shopping, no lines again! Then we went to Alamo to spend Thanksgiving with my grandparents (mom and granddaddy), aunt, and cousin. YUMMY FOOD!! Thanks Mom it was delicious. Brandon hates casseroles and this is the only place we go anytime that is not full of casseroles. So that was our wrap of the Thanksgiving break, back to work tomorrow, counting down the days til Christmas. Here are a few pics of Aidens toy and his sock obsession.

Our new stockings I love em

Thursday, November 27, 2008

sad ending to a happy day

I love love love Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are my two most favorite holidays. I love getting to spend time with my family and see everyone we haven't seen in so long. For the past 3 years on Thanksgiving Day we have gone to Brandons grandparents and eat lunch then my Grandmothers and eat supper. Then Sat. to my other grandparents. This year we have soo much planned Thursday- his grandparents, my Mom's family, shopping, my family, my Dad's family. Well thats what we had planned atleast.

However today we go to Brandons family like planned and enjoyed seeing all his family and playing a little bit. We then made our way to my grandmothers, which my mom nor sister in law could be there because they are home with the stomach bug, my dad could not be there because he was at work so that put a MAJOR bummer on things.
Not 20 minutes after getting to my grandmothers did someone call and to inform us our sweet 6 year old lab was hit by a car. My mother and father in law quickly jumped to action and called around to pet emergency clinics. Luckily one in Jackson was open so we quickly left Brownsville and they left Hornsby (Bandit has been staying with them until we got adjusted here) to rush Bandit here. Everyone told us over the phone it wasn't looking good but I know Bandit he is strong and fierce and he wouldn't give up on us. But when we arrived at the clinic it was obvious Bandit wasn't hit by car he was smashed. There was no hope and we had to out our baby boy to sleep. Definitely LOTS of tears shed but the doc was really amazed he hung on that long. We will def miss him, I will miss having a running partner and someone to protect me. Aiden loved Bandit so much and Bandit was VERY protective of him. He never let anything or anyone near Aiden and Bandit would not dare hurt Aiden. Aiden wanted to touch him and was soo excited to see him at the ER (little did he know he would never see him again). Here are a few pics of our sweet baby and after 6 years with Brandon and 3 with me we will DEFINITELY miss him.
One of our things we had to have with a home was a fence and Bandit never even got to come to his new home and enjoy his new large backyard or Aiden run with him. We never knew we could get soo attached to a dog but lots of tears have been shed over him tonight. Bandit LOVED Nonna and Pop and whn we would pass their house running he would go to their porch and sit, if a car saced him he would go to their porch. He just loved their home. Thank you Nonna and Pop for loving and caring for Bandit while we got moved.

Bandit loved his daddy and protected Ally and Deaton like they were his kids!!

As Nonna said tonight "We love you boy and now you are in doggy heaven." 120 lbs of pure love , scared of cars (now I know why), never bothered another dog, and definitely would never hurt a human.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm getting so big

Today mommy has given me the opportunity to show off my excellent typing skills and exquisite vocabulary (with her help of course); however, she says my spelling is not that great so I'm sorry! I have accomplished a lot over the past few months and because I hardly get to see you I wanted to tell you some of my likes and dislikes I have developed. By the way in case you can't tell this is Aiden Ray!
  • I still only like to sleep in my own bed and to be left alone to fall asleep (mommy said this is good but not when we are visiting others or she needs me to nap elsewhere because I don't). Some days I go all day without a nap!
  • I can stand all by myself.
  • I'm starting to take steps but I usually only do it at school when mommy and daddy can't see! haha
  • I like eating table food but I fooled mommy she thought I wanted it all the time and I really just prefer baby food because I don't have to chew it!
  • I love patty cake, itsy bitsy spider, and peek a boo.
  • I hate to admit this but I am still a mommy's boy but when she's not around I love playing with my daddy.
  • Mommy's been teaching my to say Nonna, Gram, Daddy Jim, and Pop. I know she wants to me to say it but I look at her like she is crazy! I say Nonna but none of the others.
  • Moo, Baaa, oink oink, roaf roaf, quack quack- Mommy wants me to learn all these sounds and I think it is soo funny when she does it.
  • I hate getting my diaper changed, I wish they would just let me go in the potty.
  • My favorite thing of all day is getting to splash in the bathtub. Sometimes I will even throw my basketball bath toy in the hoop.
  • I remember when I was a baby and I would cry mommy and daddy would look at one another and say "It's your turn" now when I cry they both come running in the room. I think it's because I've gotten so big I don't cry too much anymore.
  • Sometimes I pull my bag down off the chair or couch and dig through it until I find my snacks. Mommy always says "Aiden Ray" I'm gonna spank you. (She never has).
  • When I eat my food I like to make raspberries when I have food in my mouth but mommy and daddy say "Aiden NO" and smack my mouth so I don't think I'm supposed to do that.
  • When someone tells me no I shack my head and make them laugh.
  • I know exactly who my Gram is and the first thing I do when I get to school is look in her office for her. The first thing I do when I see my Daddy Jim is yell out loud because I get so excited and I know he will play the yelling game with me.
  • I like going to Nonna and Pops and I'll actually let Nonna rock me.
  • I love my cousins. Quinton and Wyatt are fun to play with because they like to wrestle. Ally and Deaton are always so kind to me and share with me. Ella and Sawyer are little and I like to crawl all over them.
  • Finally one think I love to do is give my mommy and daddy kisses on the mouth. I really do miss them after school and when daddy picks me up I crawl as fast as I can to get to him!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I almost forgot...


Weekend Wrap

We had a long weekend. We spent the first part of the weekend in Hornsby. Sunday was Ella's dedication and a time for all the kids to get together. Here are a few pics from the excitement:





Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'M WALKING!!!!!!!

Twist your head to see SORRY. I haven't figured this all out yet! OHH and please notice Brandon's face at the end...priceless!!

We can not believe Aiden will be 10 months old Monday! Wow how he has grown. Seems like just yesterday he started crawling, then came pulling up, letting go, and now he's trying to take off. This will definitely make our holidays way more exciting!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rated PG

Aiden loves bath time so much but we rarely have time to let him just sit and play. Last night Aiden recieved an early Christmas present- 20 minute bath time. Best present this 9 month old could ever recieve:Thanks mom and dadLook I can put my face under the waterWhere's this water coming fromIt landed on my headLove my duckPlaying with my basketball goalOh wow what's this thing down hereSplashing around

YUMM dirty water

Thanks for the long bath mom and dad!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Boy is he into EVERYTHING

Aiden is into everything. You will notice from the pics he is into anything that he is not supposed to be but he is only 9 months I can't expect too much. When you tell him no he shakes his head back and forth, it's so funny and it gets away with anything. He has learned to clap so ANY time he does something (even take a bite of food he claps). He easily climbs stairs good thing we have none at our home. He is a mess but sooo fun now, Christmas will be a blast!