Wednesday, June 24, 2009


17 months old today. No stats to report because we don't go back to the doctor until 18 months. I would go in to detail about all Aiden is doing but it would be easier to say he does everything he should be doing at his age and more. I guess potty training will be when he stinky's he says "I doo doo". He is still stuck on his pacifier and I don't foresee us getting rid of it anytime soon. Something we did start trying a few weeks ago is chiropractic care for Aiden. So far Aiden has not had a runny nose all week (NO LIE he has had congestion since birth). He is currently taking nose spray and 2 allergy medicines daily all prescribed by the doctor, but we have not used any of them this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will help with the allergies, sinuses, and ear infections. Besides the illnesses Aiden is so much fun and into more and more things all the time. However it would not be a typical day if Aiden didn't get in trouble.

Monday, June 22, 2009

long time coming

We had a great weekend, despite missing my sweet Princess Ella's 1st birthday party. Ella turned 1 on Saturday and because we were out of town we didn't get to attend her birthday party. In a quick wrap- We spent the entire weekend in Hornsby for Brandon's best friend, David, and Gingers wedding. We were able to see all our friends and spend a lot of time with them and Aidens friends (Brody, Maggie, Will, and Aiden are all the same age). On Friday and Saturday night Nonna and Pop was kindly watched Aiden so we could hang out with friends after all the festivities. Saturday we spent the day with Ashley, Ryan, and Will at the pool and let the boys play. Sunday for Fathers Day we enjoyed spending time with the important dad's in our lifes. There are quite a few but some that we are very thankful for are- BRANDON, who is the most amazing dad to Aiden. My daddy (who I could go on for days about how much I love him and love being a daddy's little girl) Brandons dad, my brothers, Roy (my brother in law), mine and Brandons granddaddy, all our uncles, and friends who are also dad's. However on Sunday I really was sad for my mommy because I know how much she misses her dad and how much she would have loved to hug her dad yesterday.
Aiden and his girlfriend, Maggie (they are the same age and will grow up together)

Maggie and Aiden again (Aiden was really sad his other girlfriend, Meredith, wasn't there)
Aiden and friends dancing
Aiden and Brody (David and Gingers son)- we are so excited to see them grow up together

Aiden and Princess Ella

Ella and A playing with the kitchen
hard at work
Uncle Roy, Ally, and Aiden on Fathers Day (Aiden LOVES his aunts, uncles, and cousins)Aiden and his daddy riding 4 wheeler and fishing

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday afternoon pool time

Sunday afternoon's are a great time for naps but during the summer I have always loved going to the pool on Sunday afternoons. Now it's way more fun to watch Aiden play in his. Sunday we got to spend the afternoon at Daddy Jim and Gram's house with Princess Ella. They were both VERY sleepy but tried to play anyway!
the most precious, beautiful girl in the world, my niece Ella

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beach bummin..

If you know me well, you know I enjoy being in the sun no matter where I am. However being at the beach is always the best. We had an incredible time in Destin this past week. I had 178 pictures to try and chose from so I think picking only 30 pics is pretty good. (If you think it's too many pics then feel free to close this page and go attempt to find pics of another darling little boy playing on the beach.) As you can tell from most the pics Aiden had a WONDERFUL time in the water and sand. He loved feeding and chasing the "ducks" as he referred to them (most people call them birds). Every single day Aiden curled up on his towel and took a nap, he even took 2 naps on Friday. I was very impressed with how well he did stayng outside all day long. We did not get any rain all week long however from the pics you can tell the first few days we did have a lot of seaweed. We all got very sunburned (except Aiden thank goodness) despite the excessive amount of sunscreen we used. While being in FL we were able to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary and Nonna's (Brandons mom) birthday! The only bad part about the entire trip was having to come home! OH and thanks to Nonna and Aunt Kim (Brandons sis) I was able to get in on quite a few pics myself.

Aiden seeing an alligator for the first time, he even touched it!

Nonna showing him the ocean on the first day!

8 or so dolphins came up to shore and were playing (very cool yet scary when we were swimming and one swam straight toward B and I)
"Mom this is sooo awesome"

sleeping the first day

2 year wedding anniversary (my creativity shining through)

sleeping again

"Nonna, it's your birthday"

chasing the "ducks", he has a cookie in hand

sleeping again (I decided to not do anymore sleeping photos but I did get one from everyday for scrap book purposes)

Brandon with his mom (nonna), sis (aunt kim), and baby boy- we invited Nonna and Aunt Kim to come since they doesn't get to go to the beach any other time (thats like insame to not get a beach trip once a year)

Nonna and Aiden

He wanted to swim alone so we let him go (he only put his head under once)
"Whats for supper"
swimming hard
"man I want to be in that big pool so bad"