Monday, September 26, 2011

Life Lately

So here's whats been going on my life:

  • My dad will have the first of a few surgeries at Vanderbilt this Wed.

  • My hubby started a new job last Monday.

  • We changed insurance which means starting a deductible all over for the remainder of the year. We had AWESOME insurance at my husbands old job and his new job will not cover me so I had to take insurance at my work which is barely insurance at all, in my opinion.

  • We changed banks, which means I had to have all our electronic deposit and withdrawals changed last week. PAIN!! Thanks to Regions for adding a stupid fee to checking accounts causing us to leave their sorry banking service (can't you tell I wanted to leave them anyway)! Thank goodness for Awesome local banks!

  • I only have 5 more weeks of work before maternity leave, which is a HUGE stress reliever.

  • I finished taking my Praxis so I can student teach next year.

  • My cousin and one of my best friends had their babies in the last few weeks- totally making me ready for my sweet girl to arrive.

  • I'm in between feeling miserable and VERY miserable!

  • I'm having a massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure Friday (thanks to my husband)!

  • Ansley's room is ALMOST complete, we only lack maybe 1 or 2 things. I will have pictures Monday.

  • I have my family and friends baby shower this week and am SO excited.

  • FINALLY- Aiden is SO SO SO ready for his sister to arrive. He has occasionally broken down into fits because he wants her here!

So there you go thats my life lately!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

32 weeks

32 week update

Total Weight Gain: I go to the doctor in a few hours so I will know then. As you can tell from the pic she is really growing and sitting up HIGH!

Movements: All the time.

Sleep: I still wake every 2-3 hours, except lately I haven't slept good because I have another horrible cold.

Cravings: Sweet tea still. Also I have found myself addicted to Caramel Vanilla Frappucino at our local coffee shop.

Best Moment this week: Nothing because I have felt so rough.

What I look forward to most: Finally getting her room complete. Hopefully I can do that soon! :)

Here are 2 pics of my little man. One in his play Spiderman costume (he lost the mask and is wearing his ski mask). The other is after his hair cut on Sunday! Excuse the horrible mess in the living room!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dad Update

Some of you have asked about my dad and what happened at Vanderbilt. Unfortunately they will not do the surgery we had hoped on my dad, they just feel it's too invasive of a surgery for his health. The doctor wants my dad to get up and moving, build some energy back, get some of his health problems under control, and they are scheduled to come back next week to look at some other possible options.
As weird and strange as it seems, 1 week since his appointment and I have seen a total difference in my dad. For days, months, years I've prayed my parents would have the desire and willingness to focus on their health, eat better, and exercise. I know one week is only a short time but I've seen them try VERY hard to eat better. My dad has gotten up and moving a lot more and his attitude seems different. Before my dad got this infection he was very active, happy, and talkative. I beginning to see that side of my dad again and as a daddy's little girl... I LOVE IT!! Please continue to pray for him and his health.
Dad I know you will read this, soo... I'm praying for you and love you VERY MUCH. I know very soon you will be well, back to work, and back to "mowing your grass". I continue to pray that you will have the motivation to eat better and exercise. I know you are going to have a "granddaddys girl" very soon that needs you healthy! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30-31 weeks

30 WEEK UPDATE Total Weight Gain: Not sure, go to the doctor Friday.

Movements: All the time, it's getting crazy that I think she is awake all day long.

Sleep: I wake up every 2-3 hours to go to the bathroom. :)

Cravings: Still sweet tea and don't crave sweets or ice cream at all which is so weird for me. However most everything I eat makes my stomach hurt or gives me indigestion.

Best Moment this Week: Brandon watching her move around. Getting her room cleaned up and clothes washed. Also unrelated to pregnancy, a great moment was spending lots and lots of time with my boys and FOOTBALL began.

What I look forward to most: Getting her bedding in, it should be here tomorrow.

Unrelated to pregnancy too:

Please pray for my dad, today he is going to Vanderbilt to see a surgeon (actually he should be meeting with him now) about closing an open wound. My dad got an infection in his leg in March, 6 months ago, and long story short it had to be opened up and now will not heal. My dad has had to remain pretty much off his leg the entire time. It's been extremely hard on him to sit all day long, don't get me wrong he seems to enjoy his TV and computer games, but I know he gets so tired of sitting. We miss him not being up and active with us. Please pray that the surgeon can do this surgery to close up this wound so he can begin healing.

Family Vacation

Last weekend just Brandon, Aiden, and I took a family vacation. This was the first time we have ever gone anywhere without grandparents or other family with us. This will also be our last time just the 3 of us. Next vacation we will be a family of 4.

We let Aiden pick where to go since the vacation was "all about him". He picked the mountains so we headed to Pigeon Forge, TN. We pretty much let him pick the agenda for the week and he did a great job picking I must say. Of course he and daddy had to ride go-carts. I didn't get any putt putt pictures but we did putt putt everyday while there.
We went to a little gift shop that Aiden had some pics made at last year and we were surprised to see Aiden made the front display. He is the one in the Wanted pic.

He ate some fabulous cheeseburgers at Five Guys.

Much to our surprise, even our PICKY non eater ate his whole cheeseburger.

Traditional picture outside of the Apple Barn.

We also visited Wonderworks museum. This was my husbands choice- a bad one in my opinion. By the time we left he knew it was a bad decision too. We paid $50 and I couldn't do anything there and Aiden wasn't tall enough to do much of it either. He cried the entire time that Brandon climbed this wall because he wanted to do.

He did get to pretend to be an astronaut. But went right back to crying when he saw Brandon doing the ropes course above us. I don't have a picture because I was trying to entertain Aiden so he wouldn't make a scene.

We did get to lay on the Bed of Nails. Surprisingly he was very still and able to do it. I just had visions of him sitting up and the nails poking his tail. :)

Overall we enjoy Wonderworks but HIGHLY do not recommend it for younger kids.

The place we stayed was right on the river and the ducks came up to our room one day. We happened to have some bread and Aiden fed them, he loved it. Why did we have bread you may ask? Well just so happened the night before we left I got SICK SICK SICK. I thought I had food poisioning. Luckily my hubby took care of me, got me off the bathroom floor (gross I know sorry), and into bed. I slept it off and fine for the drive home! :)

Overall we had a GREAT time and regret that we have not done more vacations just us 3. We love having our family or friends with us but it was really nice just to go at our own schedule and spend as much time together as possible.