Friday, July 31, 2009


Don't be too shocked that I'm making 2 post in 1 week because I promise not to make a habit out of it. We have just had a week worth posting about. After 9 weeks of no illness Aiden decided this week he would make up for it in a big way. Tuesday while beginning to eat supper Aiden took a bite of mashed potatoes and went crazy screaming. It took Brandon and I both to hold him down and notice the sores all over his lips. Wednesday was worse the sores had spread to his gums so I took him to the doc unfortunatley for us Aiden's doc is on maternity leave and we got to see the knowlegdeable doctor on call. (I promise to be as nice as possible about her and I will not mention her name {but if you want to know it I will be glad to tell you}). We waited for an hour and half for her to come in Aiden's room but he had already cried himself to sleep. She came in and proceeded to tell me he had hand foot and mouth (BEFORE SHE LOOKED AT HIM), I informed her he already had it. She decided to take a look at him then and told me his lips where chapped and peeling. WOW THANKS!! Thursday Aiden was only worse so we decided to go for a second opinion at a different doctors office. Since Aiden's voice is completely gone and the only sound he makes is crying she knew it was something other than chapped lips. She immediately could tell he had thrush and a viral infection but also decided to take blood and urine sample. The blood test was fine and Aiden would never pee pee for his urine sample so we got a steriod shot, steriod breathing treatment (which was the longest hour breathing treatment), and magic mouthwash. He finally pee pee but we are haing trouble getting it in the bag. Aiden did not drink or eat anythin Wed. or Thurs. and as of today he has now drank 2 glasses of pedisure but no food. Please keep lil man in your prayers and me too since this is the most helpless any mom can ever feel. However the only thing that makes him happy is a bath and watching himself get messy in the mirror.Too bad he wouldn't eat this ice cream just rubbed it all over him to watch in the mirror.Bath time- he doesn't even look like a sick baby does he but that hair does???I just had to post it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

almost 2....

As of Friday, I can now say Aiden is "almost 2" instead of "just turned 1". But since when talking about children below 1 you label their age by months, I guess it's best to say Aiden is now 18 MONTHS. He is doing great and scored 100% on his 18 month evaluation given to him by the state through day care. He hasn't had his 18 month evaluation at the doctor.
We visited Hornsby this weekend for the first time since June and many people were shocked by how much Aiden has grown and changed in just 1 month. It's amazing how fast he's grown.
I really feel like Aiden went to bed with a vocabulary of about 10 words and woke up with about 40 other words added to it. He definitely takes after me in the talking category, and the singing and dancing area too (NO I'm not at all good at either but I love doing them both). I don't know if it's because the first day I found out I was pregnant I started playing music every night for him or just the fact that Brandon and I love music so much but Aiden LOVES music. He knows the tune to songs I didn't even know he knew. He sings them for anyone that will listen and always adds some incredible dance moves with it. I have a great video of his version of "twinkle twinkle, itsy bitsy spider". No he can't say all the words but the tune is right on.
Despite his love for music, Aiden does have a few (vital to life) things he does hate like sleeping and eating. He loves sleeping at night but hates naps (what child doesn't though?), which he usually goes all weekend without. Oddly enough he can also go all weekend without eating a meal too. This whole weekend Aiden ate 3 crackers, 4 bites of chicken noddle soup, couple of cheetos, and finally a few carrots (no I usually don't track so carefully what he eats but I have to considering in a 8 months he hasn't gained 1 lb). He is just way to active to sit and eat, and unlike his momma it's not something he enjoys doing.
Because Aiden wants me to spend every minute that he is can playing with him or playing outside I have had very little time to update my blog so enjoy all the pics from the past month (I do have soo many videos too but on another computer I will get them up in the next month or 2 Haha).Hey whats that say?
(Jessica I stole your idea from Riley's 8 month pics)Well it did say 18 months"What you said I didn't just turn 1" "I'm almost 2 YAHH"
We celebrated Brody's 1st birthday party.

this may be the last picture we ever get of them being nice to one another

My lil man

Aiden loved watching Brody eat that cake.

Aiden being silly with Pop's glasses

"Mom whats this say?"
Brandon and David with their boys at Brody's party- July 25, 2009

Brandon and David with the boys at Aidens party- Jan. 24, how much they changed in 6 months

Monday, July 6, 2009

what comes to your mind?

Swimming Pools, Badminton, Bocce Ball, Washers, BBQ, Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Smores, Homemade Ice Cream, Fireworks (even though we didn't see even one this year), Family, Freedom, Red, White, and Blue..... I'm not sure what comes to your mind when someone says July 4th (Independence Day) but these are some of the things that come to mine. Atleast this is what sums up my 4th of July weekend. I love this holiday not just what it stands for but also because of all the fun we get to have celebrating it.

Mohawk and Rat Tail-bringing the 80's back

Dad's summer project- he did a great job I would say



4 Wheeler Riding with Ella



Patriotic Family

4 Generations

Going for a ride on "my little green tractor"