Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welch's website

Sarah has made a welbsite for Welch, so please follow along and continue to pray for Welch.

Monday, June 21, 2010

welch update

Some of my friends and family have asked about Welch and how he is doing below is an update from his girlfriend today. I requested to her to get a caringbridge page so maybe soon she will. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY. As you can tell from this info below he is very critical:

I’ll start at the top.
Welch’s head injury: Last week, Welch’s nurses would do a neurologic assessment every hour. Welch was able to follow command (wiggle toes or thumbs up/down). He wasn’t able to talk at this time because he was intubated. Toward the end of last week, Welch’s doctors felt the need to put Welch in a deeper sedation because Welch was becoming less sensitive to the original, short-acting sedative (propofol) and was becoming more and more agitated. As a result, his blood’s oxygen saturation would drop some although he was supported by the vent 100%. The doctors also placed Welch on a neuromuscular blocking agent (aka. paralytic called Nimbex) to prevent Welch from fighting with the vent, having the hiccups, or exerting himself in anyway.
Welch’s lung injury: Welch had a huge contusion on his right lung from the initial impact, probably from the airbag. Also, Welch had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in his lung) about a week and a half ago. The blood clot likely originated in his broken leg as a result of the initial leg trauma. The embolism, about the size of a man’s thumb, lodged in a pulmonary artery that supplied blood to his lower lobe of his left lung. Welch was placed on heparin to thin his blood so that no new clots form. As far as the existing clots go, his body will slowly dissolve them in time. I’ve referred to Welch having “episodes”. What happens during these episodes is Welch’s oxygen saturation (the amount of oxygen bound to hemoglobin in his blood) drops despite being supported by the ventilator 100%, his blood pressure [BP] tanks to 70s/30s, and he bradys down to a heart rate [HR] of ~30 bpm. At this point, the ventilator is not able to support Welch’s oxygen demands. Welch’s body (BP and HR) slow down as a result of the decrease in O2 supply. As you might imagine, this is a life threatening situation. When this situation presents itself, Welch’s team takes Welch off of the ventilator and manually bags him. They are forcefully pushing air into his lungs, more so than the vent. This approach has been successful thus far but not a guarantee (he still needs tons of prayers). What they think is occurring is one of two things or perhaps both. The first possibility involves the original blood clot in his lung is breaking down. As a result, the pieces that are breaking off are lodging in other viable parts of his lung, reducing the amount of substrate available for oxygen transfer from his lungs to his blood. Since his lungs are already in such bad shape, he can’t afford to sacrifice any viable lung space and therefore, his O2 sats drop. The second possibility is that small clots that were formed (likely in his broken leg) prior to the heparin are being dislodged and making their way to Welch’s lungs. Welch does have a IVC filter (inferior vena cava filter) that acts as a little basket to catch large clots that are traveling from his legs en route to the lungs. Smaller clots are still allowed to pass through the IVC filter or break off from the larger ones trapped by the filter. When these episodes started occurring, the doctors wrote orders preventing anyone from moving or turning Welch. Any little disturbance, can set a clot in motion. In the same regard, these episodes can happen without any physical disturbance or warning. We can’t predict when they will happen, for how long he is at risk for an episode, how large these clots will be or how difficult it will be to get his O2 sats back up. Since Welch can’t be transported, he isn’t able to have a CT scan, which might be able to provide a few answers. So, it is just a “wait and see” situation. Welch has also had a series of infections (blood, urine, respiratory) and was on several antibiotics. The infections seemed to clear up but currently, Welch’s white blood cell count (cells involved in the immune response) is elevated and continues to rise. The doctors aren’t exactly sure what is causing his immune response because they haven’t been successful in culturing any bacteria from samples from Welch. Welch’s kidneys are in acute renal failure and so he was placed on continuous renal replacement therapy. There is no clear prognosis of his kidney function at this point. Once again, we wait and see. Welch has a broken femur and is currently in traction. It will eventually be resolved with surgery once he is stable enough.

A little girl needs her daddy
to love her with manly charm,
To soothe her when shes hurt
and keep her safe from harm.
A girl needs her daddy,
to show her a man who's good,
to help her make right choices,
as only a father could.
A women needs her father
just to be aware
He'll always be there for her
to sustain her and to care.
You've been all these things, Dad.
I hope you can see,
How much I treasure you,
and you mean EVERYTHING to me.
- Joanna Fuchs

Friday, June 18, 2010


I know I ask for this A LOT but today I'm begging.... PLEASE PLEASE pray for my friend, Welch Hopkins. Welch and I were pretty much inseperable my freshman year of college and he was my first formal date. He is a wonderful guy with a wonderful family. Unfortunately last week Welch was in a horrible car accident. He is in ICU and has progressively gotten a lot worse over the past 2 weeks. Welch is not doing well at all and he needs lots of prayers. He is being supported 100% by a ventilator. Pray for strength and healing. Pray for his family (mom, dad, older brother, and twin brother) and his girlfriend.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tractor Pool....

This weekend we had a nice relaxing weekend. I must say though the English language really threw Aiden for a loop this weekend. We played in the "pool" all day Saturday with my niece and nephew and then we napped to get ready for the tractor "pull" Saturday night. While getting dressed, Aiden asked me why he wasn't going to wear his swimming trunks to the "tractor pool". We then spent a good 10 minutes explaining to Aiden "pool" vs. "pull". Despite the quick English lesson it was a great day! As you can tell from my previous post Sunday was just as fun- getting to meet Josie.Aiden loved this "Big Green Tractor" and/or "John Deere" Big Bird TruckAiden loved covering his own ears.He also loved cheering when they did good. He heard the announcer say "good job jake" and the rest of the time when we clapped he yelled "good job jake"
Daddy, Pop, and Aiden looking at all the tractors before the start

They love each other so much!
Maybe a little too much! :)
Sorry the pics are in reverse order!

Meeting Josie

We finally got to meet this precious baby girl this weekend. Aiden was so in love with her. He talked about how pretty she is all night. He asked Beth and Ashley if they would put her seat in the car so he could take her home. She is one of the prettiest little girls in the world (maybe I'm a little biased)! Love you sweet Josie!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


1st car ride,
Continue to pray for them over the next few days as they get adjusted to life at home.


Precious Josie catching up on some sleep last night before.....

Monday, June 7, 2010

All things Josie

Josie is doing good. Last night they were able to take her off the oxygen and Beth was able to give her 3 bottles yesterday. The doctors informed them she has a few heart conditions. One of which will require surgery in the first year of her life. The other they are watching closely right now to determine if a valve will close correctly. Please continue to pray for Beth and Ashley, Beth has been released and they visit Josie at the scheduled visiting times and as a parent I can imagine that is not easy at all. Pray that this valve will close correctly so she does not require emergency surgery and that she continues to eat well. Beth is doing good and I'm so impressed with how strong she has remained through all this. Josie already has Ashley wrapped around his finger and they are so in love with that sweet baby girl!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Josie Adair

5 pounds 14 oz
18.5 inches
June 4, 2010

Josie Adair made her appearance into this world VERY VERY QUICK this morning at 2:52am. Beth didn't even have time to get an epidural so she came all natural. I'm so happy for Beth and Ashley. Josie is in the NICU and having some test run. The doctor has not come in to talk to Beth at the moment to talk to her about the results of the EKG and ultrasound of her heart. Please pray for sweet Josie and Beth and Ashley. Beth is doing great. I can not wait to hold her and kiss those beautiful red lips.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a great weekend. It was very laid back and nothing much planned at all. Friday I was off and spent the day with Aiden, Saturday we went to the pool, Sunday we shopped and ate, Monday we spent the day at my grandmoms fishing. It was a great family weekend. Too bad I'm not much of a camera junkie these days. I saw my camera at the bottom of my bag the other day and thought oh may I should be taking pictures and then I opted to leave it and so enjoy spending time with my boys.

On another note...
Beth has a scheduled date to be induced on Friday morning. She will go into the hospital on Thursday night to start some medications she will have to have and Friday morning they will induce her. SOOO Friday we should meet little Josie and believe me the camera will come out for this. Please pray for Josie, and also Beth and Ashley as they get prepared this week to become a family of 3.