Monday, August 23, 2010


  • 4 months we will be staying up awaiting the arrival of Santa Clause
  • 5 months my little man will be 3
These 2 things have been the topic of conversation around our house for the past week. Aiden has told me many times "can Santa bring me..." I sure feel sorry for Santa this year his list is super long from Aiden, but more importantly I feel sorry for Aiden he will be dissappointed in Santas fulfillment of the gift list. :)
Aiden also informed me Friday "after Christmas will be my birthday in January. and after that the Easter bunny will come and bring me more presents." WHAT?? You are 2 son you shouldn't remember me telling you that 3 months ago.
So if I have learned nothing this past week I sure know now that my son LOVES gifts and we definitely are going to have to work on the true meaning of these holidays besides gifts.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

puzzle master

These Melissa and Doug 24 or 48 piece puzzles are the best (or so I thought).
To say Aiden is obsessed with puzzles is an understatement.
So the story goes:
I got him a Bob the Builder movie at Target Saturday and he told me "I don't want it mommy, take it back and get me a puzzle." Well yesterday after school I asked him again Aiden are you sure you don't want your new movie. His reply "no mommy take it back and get me a Diego, Bob the Builder, and Dora puzzle". Thats not asking too much now is it? So you know because Aiden gets nothing he wants I must certainly would never go to Target return his movie and get 2 puzzles. :) However when I handed him the Dora and Diego puzzles (no bob the builder) he said "those are baby puzzles, I want those ones" So this is what he got:
a 24 piece and 48 piece Cars and Winnie the Pooh puzzle with no wooden board.
I wish I had a picture of him doing these puzzles. He mastered them with no problem.
I had him pick all the "straight edge" pieces out first. His response was "no mommy you have to get the corner ones first". Wow sorry I had no idea my 2 year old was such a puzzle expert.
I promise to get a pic tonight of Aiden doing these puzzles.
I also guess I better put a bug in Santas ear to return the (4) 48 piece wooden board puzzles he got Aiden.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my life and I

Sorry it's been almost one month since my last post but me and my life.. wait life and I have been so busy that I haven't had time to sit down write and upload pics.

This month....I have completed another class at school, accepted a promotion at work, trained someone for my position, maintained a well organized home (hahahaha what a joke), gotten Aiden into his big boy bed and sleeping alone, gotten addicted to Zumba, taught Aiden to swim, and much more. So really when do I have time to update?? :) Maybe soon I will get a good update on here until then hope you are having a great summer.