Thursday, October 27, 2011

pumpkin patch and other

We have literally spent every waking minute possible with Aiden lately and soaking up all the time we have with just the 3 of us. Last weekend we visited a local farm play area that Aiden LOVES to go to each year. This week we took him to the local pumpkin patch to let him pick out he and Ansley a pumpkin. I am looking forward to Ansley's arrival but I just LOVE spending so much time with Aiden and giving him my undivided attention. Watching him pull that wagon just reminded him how quickly they grow up and how much more I need to cherish these times with him.




He requested this!

Monday, October 24, 2011

37 weeks

37 WEEKS UPDATE Total Weight Gain: same as 35 weeks which I never told but it's 30lbs..eeks!
Movements: At 37 weeks this girl still finds a way to move so much that it's miserable pain.
Sleep: I've gone from waking every 2 hours to waking about every hour to hour and half
Cravings: Anything, I'm really enjoying these last few weeks and the fact that soon I will not be eating this junk food again.
Best Moment Lately: I had a great shower at work last week and one more tomorrow. I've also enjoyed spending EVERY waking moment that I can with Aiden.
What I look forward to most: One more week of work! haha- how sad is that.
Update: I have still been having horrible contractions and now I have a weird pain in my upper legs. It feels like I've pulled a muscle but it never gets better. I've read it could be that she is sitting on a nerve.
Also, I must mention again Aiden is so ready for Ansley to be here. This has definitely been a patience practicing exercise for Aiden. On a funny note- I asked him last night if he wanted to watch a video of what they will do to mommy to get Ansley out. He of course was all about it until the blood and yuck and he immediately said "thats gross mommy turn that off".

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

35 weeks

There will be no picture due to the fact that I have been told twice today that my face looks swollen! :)
Total Weight Gain: WAY too much, not the 50 lbs I gained with Aiden but more than I wanted to gain!
Movements: She is still just as active as she was at 25 weeks.
Sleep: What's that? No actually I have gotten some sleep I wake about every 2 hours.
Cravings: Sweet Tea it is and this week it's been Cheetos too.
Best Moment lately: I really enjoyed my shower and so happy her room is done. Knowing I only have a few weeks until she is here is GREAT!!
What I look forward to most: Feeling better! I'm ready for her to be here but also SOOO ready to be done with work for awhile. My work is the busiest around the holidays so it will be nice not to worry with that stress.
Update: I have been having lots of contractions and back pain. I didn't mention in my other post that on the ultrasound Ansley was laying transverse. I know its not a huge deal since I will be having a c section anyway but I still would prefer her be in the correct position to make the c section easier. Overall we are just SO ready for her to arrive!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ansley's Room Tour

I obviously had a lot of catching up to do, seeing as I made 3 post at one time! But here is what many people have been asking for- pictures of Ansley's room!

This is her room looking in from the door way! You see the right side of her room but the left is were the changing table is with BOXES of diapers stacked up!

Her bed!

decal above her bed

pillow on her bed

right wall of her room. Those are my baby shoes and booties.

her dresser with lamp, piggy bank from one of my best friends, wall sign from my mom, and

this is my wooden carousel that I had as a child.

The left wall area is still a work in progress!

Ansley Lately- 34 week post

Instead of normal weekly update and picture of me, here is my sweet girl at 34 weeks:

She is 5.2 lbs and healthy! She is measuring right on schedule!

Baby Shower

This weekend my best friends had a shower for Ansley! To say it was beautiful is a HUGE understatement! It was so nice and they definitely went above and beyond. They are all VERY artistic and creative. My friends home was beautiful and the decorations were so adorable! Ansley has the best "aunts".

The mantle with the cute pumpkins

3 of my best friends ever!

Aiden helping me open her gifts (this didn't last long at all).

A lot of the things she received!

Thank you to everyone came and made this time so special!