Sunday, January 25, 2009

1st birthday

What I have thought about for 1 full year has now come and gone- Aiden's 1st birthday party!!! I always have made the biggest deal out of birthday's so I knew I would go all out for Aiden's 1st birthday party! We had a great day and Aiden acted wonderful for his party in the morning. He napped ALL afternoon. Last night he loved eating 2 pieces of pizza and watching the Miss America pageant (Aiden didn't like all the yellin from the ladies)!! I had 102 pictures from yesterday so I'm having a hard time picking which ones to post! Might be easier to check out my facebook and see them all but here are some from the wonderful day!! THANKS to everyone who made yesterday sooo special and I know when he turns 18 he will love seeing what everyone had to say to him and your thoughts for his future profession (minister, engineer, teacher, doctor, nurse, welder, crime boss....hahaha). OHH I was very shocked Aiden would not dig in on his cake, he picked at it, and then did not want to get messy. He really did not like the icing only the cake part. He only sat in his chair about 2 minutes!!!!
before the party
table centerpieces and cards for his memory box
memory table from Aiden's 1st year

outfit for the party
"Mom I'm sleepy can we go home"- before the party even began

yummy cake
Aiden's cake

"digging" in

"mom I don't like this stuff"

" i'm not touching this mom"
"i'm too sleepy to eat"
i had to cut the cake for him to have the cake and not just icing

" ohh wait i love this cake"

why is everyone watching me???

now Brandon will get his shed to store all these presents from Christmas and Birthday!
stop with the pics

new huge chair from Gram


he really likes the bounce and spin pony

THE best present I have ever gotten- AIDEN!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009



Thursday, January 22, 2009


2 more days!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4 days

I wish I had pics to post but I don't!
I was reading last night in Aiden's growth book that at 12-18 months children should start walking on there own, bending over to pick things up, pointing to things they want.... I was shocked to think Aiden has been doing all of that for awhile! One thing that really stuck out in my head was the book said to start working on body parts, colors, and numbers and you may not immediately see results. We have always used colors, numbers, body parts, shapes, directions, and specific names when talking to Aiden and just HOPED it would eventually pay off.
This week we have been working on "NOSE". I will point to my nose, his nose, and daddies nose and everytime I do Aiden stares at me with a blank stare. I realized last night Aiden thinks I am saying Aiden NO.....therefore we have moved on to EARS! :)
A few other interesting things-
While Aiden was sick all he would eat was ice cream last night Brandon said "Aiden you want some ice cream".... Aiden ran to the freezer and started banging on the door.
Finally yesterday the phone was on the table and Aiden wanted it so he came to me said 'Momma" and walked back to the table and pointed to the phone!
It's really amazed me how much he has started to pick up in the past few weeks. It makes me believe my efforts to teach my child will one day pay off! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

get well soon

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us this week. We are hoping everything will be ok with my job, but it's really a day by day thing. Aiden is a little better but still not "well". He's still not doing well eating, drinking much, or sleeping at night. We are dosing him up with meds and hoping to see improvement. He woke up yesterday morning and realized he had his voice back and immediately started screaming. Thank goodness for such great family- Aunt Kim brought him a stuffed puppy and ice cream that he has really enjoyed and Nonna brought him some yummy dumplins that I was surprised to see him gobble down, and my mom was able to take care of Aiden this week while I tried to work.
However Aiden was kind enough to pass his sickness on to me and so now Brandon has had to be our caregiver. Again thank you for great family, my mom and dad had to take care of Aiden and I both while Brandon was at work. We are now praying that Brandon doesn't get it and we continue to get well. Also 2 post ago I mentioned everything we had said Bye Bye to.... they have all (except the foward car seat) made their way back into Aiden's schedule since being sick. We also had plans of breaking him from the paci before his first birthday....hahaha, try taking a paci away from a sick child!!!
On that note for those of you counting:
1 week til the big day!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

we need prayers!!!

My family needs prayers Aiden is the sickest he has ever been and my job needs prayers the economy is giving us all a scare and def my job right now!!! on the bright side:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

bye bye

Our family has said many Bye Bye's this week and will continue to over the next few weeks:
Bye Bye:
baby food
high chairs (only at school though)
rear car seats
morning naps
Aiden has moved to a new class at school and they only eat solid foods, sit at tables, and no morning naps. Aiden has actually adjusted well.

Now that he has 4 teeth we have made a habit of brushing them day and night and Aiden LOVES it.

eating at the table at school and doing such a good job. we are having to learn to stay at the table until everyone is done because his teacher says when he is done he just gets up and goes to play. So well mannered already! :)

Monday, January 5, 2009


This weekend we experimented with a new food for Aiden... PIZZA!! He must take after his mom and dad because he loved it. Almost ate the whole slice. Also he got a new trunk to put all his toys in or maybe I should say to put himself in....


Mom, I'm about to tear into that piece
What's in here?

No caption is good enough for this...


All that for a book

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas (a little behind):

After all the illness everyone was well and able to enjoy Christmas. We had many different Christmas functions and of course on Christmas day I forgot my camera but here are some we captured throughout the holidays:
His first present to open on Christmas Eve

Santa brought a living center and he loves it

Playing with Ella (somehow she is the only cousin we got pictures with)

Brian, Carolyn, and Ella Christmas day- Ella was really excited

My fam on Christmas Day
My grandmom, Mom, Ella, and Aiden
Attack!! She does fight back though! Aiden is excited about ChristmasHe got his big boy car seat (and we turned him around already SHH!!)On New Years we decided to let Aiden visit all his friends. We went to see Will (1 of my best friend Ashley's lil man) and Brody(1 of Brandons best friends lil man). However for some reason we got no pics with Brody! :(
Aiden and Will

Will Awake!