Friday, March 26, 2010

recent pic

Sorry for some reason it wouldn't let me post this in the other post! My bro is on the left. He has lost lots of weight! So proud of both my my brothers for working SOOO hard and losing well over 150 pounds combined.

happy birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 2 of my favorite guys!
My nephew, Q, turned 4 yesterday!
What a special blessing he is to my family. Q was born 2 months early at only 2 pounds, he is also a miracle. I love you so much Q! I don't have a pic saved of him as a baby so here is Q as a baby.Q and my bro 4 years ago
Q and my bro now! Wow how they both have changed!
Today is my older brother, Brians, birthday (not the same brother that is Q's daddy)!
Nothing can explain the love, care, and appreciation I have for my brother. Being only 18 months apart we have always been close. I love you B!
disclamier: this is the most recent pic I have of me and my bro (2008), he has lost A LOT of weight so I posted a recent pic of him

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

spring time at 26 months...

Fall is by far my favorite season but I also love spring. Mainly because I love being outside in the sunshine after all the cold so thats exactly what we have been doing. For Aiden's birthday we asked for outside toys and thats exactly what we got. He has played with his sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and kite everytime we have been outside.
He has started to swing on the regular seat but he needs my help so I can't snap pictures. So these pictures in his baby swing will have to do for now.

Owl kite from his Chi-O aunts. It wasn't windy enough to fly high so I let Aiden hold the string and run. He did a great job flying it.

Daddy wasn't too happy that I let him write on the house with the chalk. OOPS!

Unfortunately Aiden has had a cough and sinus trouble so we have had to start our breathing treatments again. Since we have lost the paci that goes with the breathing machine he has to use the mask and here he is being a big boy with his breathing mask.
I'm really amazed Aiden is already 26 months old. It has gone by so fast and he is such a joy to Brandon and I. He is very smart, I have no idea where he gets it haha. He is right on track with all the things he should know and do at his age so I won't go into all that. However I will let you know some of his favorite things:
  • he loves to eat oatmeal or "oat milk" as he says.
  • every Mon and Thurs night he loves to help Brandon get the garbage ready for the garbage man. The next mornings he is up and waiting to go outside and see the "twash man"
  • he picks his own clothes out (hence the bad matching in the pictures). He doesn't actually pick them, I give him choices (which all kinda match). I think it is so cute so I don't care if he matches or not.
  • he wants to wear his Croc's or Sperry's everyday.
  • he sings for any and everybody. he knows all 4 verses of mary had a little lamp and does a great job singing them.
  • his favorite food is chicken and french fries hahaha
  • his favorite drink is Coke and we let him have it every so often haha (i promise he eats healthy too)
  • he is not a big TV watcher but does like Mickey Mouse and Handy Manny
  • he thinks it is hilarious if you cry and even more funny if you fall.
  • don't worry he isn't completely heartless, if you get on to him he feels so bad, gets his feelings hurt, and sometimes cries
  • he puts himself into time out when he does something he is not supposed to do so we have had to go to just spanking (sorry if you disagree with spanking but it's my blog and I do)
  • he is getting SO good at using the potty
  • finally Aiden Ray LOVES LOVES LOVES his grandparents and cousins so much, he talks about them all the time.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Unfortunately (and fortunately) out of 50 people, Brandon was the only one to pass the test for this other job which means we will have to adjust to Brandon working nights!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

job news...

What a wild, stressful, nerve racking week, long story short.....

Brandon found out at the beginning of this week that he could possibly have a chance to take a 30 minute test (not an actual written test, a performance type test) for a different position at his work. After MANY others failed the test Brandon had the chance to take it today at 3:00. When he called me at 3:39, I knew he must have not passed since it was a whole 9 mintues later than he needed to finish haha. But instead on the other end of the phone I hear 3 statements in the most enthusiastic tone ever" I PASSED. I GOT THE JOB. I FINISHED THE TEST IN 29 MINUTES". After yelling and congratulating my wonderful hard working husband I made the comment most all women would- "WHY DID YOU WAIT 10 MINUTES TO CALL ME". He said too many people were congratulating him to interrupt them and call me. :)
I'm so proud of him and we are so happy that God is so amazing!! God deserves all the credit.

On another note as of right now Brandon will have to switch to 2nd shift which is 2:30pm-11:30pm. That will be really hard on us considering I go to class at night. So it is very possible tomorrow he could be switched to days IF someone else passes the test that can work nights so Brandon can move to days. But for now we are greatful for a job!

Thank you to everyone for all your prayers, they were felt.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

wrapped up

Every night after Aiden's bath I wrap him up "like a burrito". I wrap him so tight that he can not get out of the towel without my help.
This picture of Aiden is how I have felt lately.
I feel wrapped up so tight that I can not get out, on my own atleast. The past few weeks have been so stressful and it's only because of the Lord that I have made it through. I have heard many times God will not give me more than I can handle, so I'm guessing he must think I am superwoman haha. Only kidding, I know I am his child and he has his hands gently on my shoulders protecting me.
So when my hard-working husband called me yesterday to inform me he is laid off from his job, I knew it's because God has a better plan. I'm not sure what that is and I'm not supposed to know these things only God does. I do know that last week before I went on my work furlough I mentioned to a co-worker, "I can not possibly take on anything else right now." God's plan was a little different. I am determined to make it through this rough time and I can't wait to see what God has in plan for my family now. Please pray for us over the next few weeks as we know take on the dreaded job hunt.

Matthew 6:25 "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

We will miss you...

Tomorrow one of my very best friends is moving and I am extremely sad. Aiden will be too when he realizes his best buddy is not 5 minutes away anymore. Aiden wook up Sat. and wanted to see Cade so Aiden and I got in our vehicle and drove our 5 minute drive to their house. Aiden proceeded to jump right out of the vehicle ran to Cade and together the boys ran to the garage and get out the riding toys. After 2 mintues the boys went inside. Aiden headed straight upstairs to Cade's playroom as if he lived there. Then as I was leaving it dawned on me Aiden has been to their house more than any of his other friends and Cade really is one of his best best friends. So I was very excited this weekend the boys did get to spend some time together. I know they will still be able to play and see each other often but it just won't be the same with their home not being here with us. OHH ladies and to make it worse- Tricia has been cutting my hair since 2003 so you may understand this is very traumatic. Next time you see me my hair my be down to my tail because I won't let anyone else cut it. :)
I love you Tricia and I will definitely miss you.

May 2009

The boys at Halloween as Cowboy and Indian

Me and Tricia