Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cotton Pickin Fun

We spent Sat. at my grandmothers home in Brownsville with all my moms family. Luckily the cotton had not been picked for the year and we could get some great pics. Aiden LOVED it. I definitely dressed him for the occasion in his Osh kosh overalls.

My sweet niece Ella- Brian and Carolyn's little girl. She is getting SO big SO quick!
Aiden showing mommy his love for basketball already...to bad thats my least favorite sport.I just had to show this pic of Aiden with his paci on the side of his mouth- it's so funny!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today is Brandons Birthday and Aiden's 8 month old birthday YAHH!! We will be celebrating by going to Asahi (my favorite hahaha) for supper. It will be Aiden's first experience at Asahi and I will def let you know how it goes!
It's amazing to me to see how much Aiden has grown over the past 8 months see for yourself:1 month old6 months oldone month old

Sporting mommy's shirt at 8 months old

14 lbs and 8 months later Aiden has gotten so big. I wanted to just brag a little and tell you some of the accomplishments Aiden has made in 8 months:

~He goes to sleep all by himself in his bed at 8pm and sleeps until 7am.

~He can pull up if he wants to.

~He can say Bye Bye, MaMa, DaDa, and wave Bye Bye.

~He is a pro eater and perfect holding the sippy cup and bottle.

~He knows how to hide things and keep for later use (example a cracker in his hand until bed or hiding his paci under his blanket for bed. Yes it's very funny!

~He knows my voice, Brandons, and my moms very well. He gets so excited in the mornings to come downstairs and see Daddy Jim with his paper. He also knows exactly who Ella (his cousin, that's in his day care class) is.

~Finally he crawls everywhere he wants to go and fast too especially when he sees ice cream- as the pictures show. NO he doesn't get it much at all.

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's about time.....

It's about time Aiden's teeth come on through.... WE HAVE OUR FIRST TOOTH!! Yes I am very very excited, now it broke my heart when at 10:00pm Aiden was still crying in pain. I had given him teething drops, teething tablets, cold rag, teethers...nothing worked. I hate orajel but I busted it out after an hour of intense crying and complete silence. I laid him in his bed and he is now peacefully asleep. If anyone has any other teething remedies please please tell me so I can avoid the numbing orajel.

It's about time we find a home.....WE ARE HOMEOWNERS. Well not quite yet the home is being built and the finish date should be around mid to end Oct. We were very excited to find a home being built that we could actually come in and pick our colors, counters, floors, cabinets, lighting, and all the other features in a home. We are very very excited and so thankful our prayers have been answered.

Finally It's about time I post new pics... I will get them up soon!

Many of you have asked- My brother is doing good!!! THANK YOU so much for your prayers so many people have asked about him and told me they are praying for him. I am so thankful for wonderful friendships!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Wrap

Unfortunately no pictures to post, I left my camera in the car all weekend (yeah I know real smart with the heat). Friday we spent the day at home because of Aiden's 102 temp he ran all night Thurs. night. We went to the doc on Friday but all he has is a cold and teething- still no teeth though.

This weekend really showed how much of a Mommy's Boy he has become lately, he had nooo desire to let anyone hold, talk, play, help, feed, change, or anything whatsoever for him but his Mom Ma. Needless to say my "me" time is not happening as long as Aiden is around. However he is trying so hard to pull up and still no interest in crawling he just wants to scoot everywhere. He can get where he wants very quickly and it works just well for him so he doesn't even attempt to move his hands. He has accomplished saying "Bye-Bye" and is now a pro at MaMa and DaDa.

Friday night we went to Hornsby to see Brandon's family and join Ally's "all girl" birthday party. Melanie and Kim (Brandon's sisters) were the chaperones to Ally's sleep over of 9 six year olds- Hannah Montana galore. Even Brandon knows the words to the Hannah Montana songs :). We enjoyed the party and spending time with Brandon's family that we rarely get to see know that we live in Jackson.

FYI: If you have been looking for an inexpensive, great tasting restaurant that offers huge portions you should try the new Old Hickory Steakhouse. FANTASTIC everything we ordered was wonderful, no complaints with anyone and thats very rare. At the end of supper even Brandon had food left on his plate. You should really try it out.

Finally please keep remembering my brother in your prayers we still have no answers behind his illness. More test have been run and he finds out the results in the morning. ALSO we have found a home we are putting an offer in tomorrow, we are keeping our fingers crossed that accept our offer.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Get Well Soon

I'm afraid what we have avoided for 7.5 months has arrived .....TEETHING!! I don't see any white gums but he sure is favoring them, along with runny nose, fever, and major grumpy attitude. He has recently become very clingy to mommy and fussy which is abnormal for him. Although he's grumpy I can still get a smile- here's a pic before school Friday!

On another note I have a HUGE prayer request....my brother, Brian, who is never ever sick (hasn't even been to the doctor in 5-6 years) has recently gotten pretty sick. After it continued on for awhile finally he had some blood test taken...not good results. PLEASE PLEASE pray for him as he waits to here what exactly the test show, the doctors have told my brother what they think but nothing definite.

Finally today is my niece's 6th birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLY- Brandon, Aiden, I miss you and can't wait to see you Friday. (Aunt Mel or Nanna can you read that to her please :) )

What a spiffy looking guy...future heartbreaker for sure!