Sunday, December 28, 2008

let the countdown begin.....


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa please....

I've asked for one thing this year I have never asked for- Santa please bring good health to my family! This weekend was the long awaited weekend of Christmas parties. Every year I look forward to the traditional Barden/Stephenson Christmas and my annual friend Christmas party. This year on the same weekend we were to add Brandons dads side of the family Christmas party. Friday that Christmas was cancelled when Brandons cousin got the stomach bug. Saturday morning we got to take part of my mom's annual Christmas brunch full of many yummy breakfast food. Saturday night was the Barden/Stephenson Christmas, in the middle of the children open gifts I got sick. We had to leave and it lead to of course no Sunday Christmas party with the friends. Little did I know my sickness was fixing to start a chain event. Aiden, Brandon, my nephews (3 out of 4 of them), niece (1 out of 2), sister in laws (3 out of 4), brother, mom, mother in law, cousins, uncle all got the stomach bug that I so kindly brought to the party....SO SORRY!!!
This morning as we prepare to get ready for our traditional Christmas Eve breakfast at Old Country Store I found out after 26 years (I don't know if I have gone that long but close to it) I had to go enjoy pancakes, biscuits, bologna triangles, sausage patties, greasy bacon, and much more without my big brother- stomach bug got him. Sad definitely!!! It just was not the same without my big brother!!
This year for Christmas all we want is good health to my whole family!!!!!! Please Santa bring that to us this year!

Monday, December 15, 2008

christmas tour of homes!

Here is my Christmas Home Tour:

Our first stop of course is the outside of our home, we didn't do too much outside this year solely because Brandon wouldn't let me, Mr. Grinch! Jk but he really wouldn't let me do lights!

Next stop is the living room: The Christmas tree that we got last year as our first Christmas tree is displayed nicely in the center of the wall to easily be seen out the dining room window!

Baby's 1st Christmas 2008 Ornament for Lil man of course

To the right of my tree we have the dining area which consist of a centerpiece with my beautiful crystal vase I received as a wedding gift and my Christmas china that has never been used!

To the left of the tree is my mantle which is hard to see but is decorated with greenery, my candlesticks I received as wedding gifts, my Nativity scene, stockings, and singing Christmas bear that Aiden loves

The only reason for to celebrate Christmas is or dear Saviour's birth, so of course a nativity scene is a must. Last year I got the Willow Tree nativity set and will buy a piece a year.

Next stop my favorite place in the house: the Kitchen which is decorated with Lil Man's Christmas tree. We didn't put it in his room because I felt it would be seen more in the kitchen!

His tree is decorated with baseball, basketball, football, and golf ornaments and the topper is my running medals! HA

Our Christmas cards are displayed on the windown beside Aiden's tree!

Final 2 stops are Aiden's bathroom which has his golfing Santa. I have decided this year to buy a sports Santa every year for Aiden and Brandon's favorite sport. This year is golf, next year I'm sure will be golf, and the next, next.....

Finally guest are welcomed into my room by this fun, whimsical tree.


Brandon and I are having an auction, it will take place every morning as soon as Aiden awakes. There will only be one thing auctioned: AIDEN for a day!! Highest Bidder gets to keep Aiden until he goes to sleep at night, bidding starts at $1.00!
ONLY KIDDING!! But oh this weekend what I would have done for someone to take him for 1 hour! Aiden is going through his terrible twos at 11 months. It doesn't matter what you say or do he will do it anyway. It doesn't matter how hard you discipline (is that a nice way to say it) he is going to hit you back, throw a fit, or shack his head no. Boy do we have it in for us through the holidays! :) I love every single minute I get to spend with him but this weekend he made me decide he will be an only child forever! :) Sorry Nonna and Gram!
On another note we spent a lot of the weekend with the family again and of course I have tons of pics!

Brandon's Sister, Kim, and I with Aiden

He cleaned most the clothes out of the basket and in he went, one of his MANY events he pulled this weekend

If you give Aiden a cookie, expect the whole thing to go in the mouth Getting ready to eat spaghettiQuinton and Aiden Sawyer

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let's See Here......

He's into EVERYTHING!! Last night we tried out spaghetti o's- SUCCESS! He did great and loved it except that when there was no more he was not happy!
Now that Aiden can walk he is very fast to sneak behind you and open the only cabinet I don't have a latch for. Last week when I turned around he had the toaster dragging across the floor by the cord. So instead of letting him get in my cabinets I decided to let him play in his drawers (the small white containers hold bottles, baby food, and other papers which aren't his but nothing important). This morning he was throwing glass jars of baby food across the kitchen floor. I directed him to the bottom drawer and it took him exactly 1 minute to have this drawer cleaned out. I have to say though he is way smarter than I would have imagined for an 11 month old. After he cleaned it out he started putting it all back in! If you look at the other picture you can see where the can opener was laying and now he is putting it back!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


In my previous post I mentioned we ate with Brandon's parents and Deaton for supper this weekend. Deaton has a tendency to lay his head on the table while we are waiting on our food and Aiden decided he wanted to copy. Hope he doesn't make a habit out of it because I know, dad, he would get in trouble at your table! :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mini Santa

Sunday already??? I can't believe how fast the weekend flew by and just 18 days til Christmas. YAH! we are so excited about little man's first Christmas. All the shopping is complete, presents are wrapped, Santa dropped off Aiden's toys early (Toys R Us big weekend sale) so we are ready for Christmas Eve.

This weekend was filled with FAMILY and boy do we love weekends like that. Good thing cause we will be with them for the next 3 weekends all weekend. Most people dread the whole family day or day with the in-laws. I may be speaking for Aiden and I but I'm pretty sure we all LOVE IT!! Friday night was spent in Dyersburg with my brothers family, the 3 boys and Aiden just play and play. Quinton on the other hand is different his defintion of playing is tackle or wrestling. Just wait soon Wyatt and Aiden will team up on him. :) Because daddy worked this weekend Aiden and I stayed with my parents Friday night and hung out with them Sat. morning.
Saturday was relaxing and a nice supper with Brandons parents and Deaton. Tonight was my sweet niece, Ally's Christmas program at church. Seeing 20+ kids doing a musical is ALWAYS a thrill and even to Aiden he sat soooo quietly during the entire thing until he was sung to sleep by a sweet song. Ally was so cute and always so funny to watch sing and dance. If she's not a cheerleader (which she will be), she will definitely be on some dance team. Aiden enjoys being with Deaton and Ally and copies anything they do. Wait not everything......he won't be a cheerleader or dancer.
Since our Christmas cards are out now I can post our little Santa:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

bye bye knees, hello feet

I want all to know:
Aiden has started walking all the time now. I wanted to get you a video up but I just haven't had the chance!