Tuesday, January 26, 2010

thank you from Aiden

Thank to everyone who attended my party on Saturday night. I was so happy to see everyone and thank you for all the wonderful presents. My mommy told me she is sorry she was running around crazy and did not get to snap too many pictures for my scrapbooks. But I noticed she got a lot of help from Uncle B (mommys brother), Aunt Mel and Aunt Kim (daddys sisters), My Nonna and Pop, and My Gram. Wait most importantly my daddy Jim was late for my party cause he was "slaving over the grill" as my mommy said. My daddy Jim is so great, thank you for the yummy hot dogs (well everyone said they were yummy all I ate was cheetos and cake- mommy said I could cause its my birthday)!!!
I had a great birthday party and a great birthday on Sunday. My Gram cooked me lunch on Sunday and gave me more presents that mommy said I didnt need. I'm really confused with this birthday stuff though, is my birthday 1 day or all week? And why did my mommy get my baby photo album out and cry? I laughed at her but she just hugged me and said "I love you so much."

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday!

2 years ago today was the hardest yet one of the best day's EVER!!! Happy Birthday to the Sweetest Child ever!

(Excuse the wild hair)

Friday, January 22, 2010


In 2 days Aiden will be 2 and unfortunately I am not at all prepared for his party tomorrow, this came too quick!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Drama Prince

My mom always told me I was a drama queen so it is only appropriate that Aiden be a Drama Prince:

Monday, January 18, 2010


I am way behind on the tech world. My hard drive on my laptop went out last week and I am still awaiting my recovery disk so I can get it fixed. I would update from my blog at work (what I am doing now) but I have been WAYY to preoccupied. School started this past week- this will be a stressful next few months. Although I enjoyed my classes it was strange going back to the classroom. I have been very busy at work and last week I ended up going to class and going back to work afterwards.
We have been on pins and needles all week with Brandons job. I have a huge favor to all my prayer warriors- PLEASE pray for his job. They will be having a lay off this week- it will not get Brandon but it will put him at the bottom of the seniority so that if they have another one he will be gone (lay off's at his work are done by senority). In 2009 his work laid off 400 people, he was very confident they would not have any more lay off's but here it is the 3rd week of the year and having one so we are unfortuntely not very hopeful. We are asking you to pray for wisdom and understanding for our family during these next few months (which they were told would be very critical for his work). I know we will be ok financially but if he loses his job we will lose our insurance which is OUTSTANDING. Those of you who know us well know this will be hard considering we all stay at the doctor. So please pray pray pray!
Aiden is doing great and counting down until his birthday on Sunday- 6 more days!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

2 weeks

2 weeks from tomorrow my lil man will be 2 YEARS OLD!! This time next week we will be preparing to celebrate at his birthday party! This will give you an idea of how we will celebrate:

(invite information was edited)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a decade ago

I don't think I even realized 2010 marks the beginning of a new decade (I know I'm a little behind). So today I sat and pondered about what the years 2000-2009 held for me and the below is a list of the top 9 most memorable things that happened in my life in the last decade (9 being memorable and 1 being the VERY most memorable). The reason there is only 9 is because 1 thing that is very memorable to me I would rather not mention.

9. I bought and paid for my first car in 2005.

8. I got my 1st full time job in sales in 2005 (I am currently still at that job).

7. I ran my first half marathon in 2005

6. Brandon and I bought our first home in 2008.

5. I graduated high school in 2000 and college in 2004.

4. Brandons grandfather passed away in 2009.

3. My best guy friend was killed tragically in a 4 wheeler accident on Mothers Day 2002. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my life.

2. I married Brandon in 2007.

1. My sweet handsome wonderful son was born in 2008.

Friday, January 1, 2010


2009 quickly came and went and now on to 2010. In 2009 we got to celebrate Aiden's 1st birthday and watch our little sweet boy grow so much. Although this year we had to also attend the funeral of someone that mean so much to our family- Brandon's grandfather.

We are excited for what 2010 will hold- 1 major change is I will begin school next week. I have been out of college since 2004 so it will be a huge challenge for me. I will now be balancing working full time in sales, attending school full time for speech therapy, being a mommy and wife, and also training for yet another half marathon. I don't know how I will juggle all these task. I am trusting God will work this out and give me the strength to work out in the mornings, work from 8-5, go to school from 5-9, and come home to kiss my son good night. Studying?? I haven't quite figured out where that will fit in. :) The hardest part for me to handle will be not playing with Aiden every night like I currently do; but, it will give me the opportunity to change careers that will give me way more time with him.
I'm sure there will be many more exciting and not so exciting things to come for us in 2010. Happy New Year!

Christmas really happened here:

Christmas with my family and all the gifts before being opened
Christmas morning- he was a little frustrated because he didn't feel well and the present wouldn't cooperate and open easily

Christmas with Brandon's family
Sick baby on Christmas
This is my proof that despite the sickness Christmas was celebrated. Thank you for your prayers both my boys are all better. I never got sick so we luckily did not start 2010 with anyone in our family sick. Although we did absolutely nothing but watch TN get stomped on New Years Eve and didn't even stay awake to see 12am.