Thursday, May 21, 2009

beach countdown almost over.....

3 more days until we head to the Tropical Storm area. I have been making myself sick watching the weather and seeing RAIN and STORMS everyday. So this may be the last thing on your list but please pray we get pretty weather in Destin next week and safe travel!


Sorry I don't have any new pictures but maybe this video will do for a little while, it's proof that I can find laughter in my childs despair (never mind I'm just mean). Turn up the sound and watch Aiden go crazy over his own reflection in the stove. If you don't laugh at this then you don't have a sense of humor.


Tiffany said...

maybe it will be pretty for ya'll! im so jealous! i wish i was goin to the beach right now! aiden is to cute!

Lyryn said...

Lucky you! I want so badly to it be time for my family vacation!! But I have to wait until August! I'll be praying for good weather for ya!