Friday, July 31, 2009


Don't be too shocked that I'm making 2 post in 1 week because I promise not to make a habit out of it. We have just had a week worth posting about. After 9 weeks of no illness Aiden decided this week he would make up for it in a big way. Tuesday while beginning to eat supper Aiden took a bite of mashed potatoes and went crazy screaming. It took Brandon and I both to hold him down and notice the sores all over his lips. Wednesday was worse the sores had spread to his gums so I took him to the doc unfortunatley for us Aiden's doc is on maternity leave and we got to see the knowlegdeable doctor on call. (I promise to be as nice as possible about her and I will not mention her name {but if you want to know it I will be glad to tell you}). We waited for an hour and half for her to come in Aiden's room but he had already cried himself to sleep. She came in and proceeded to tell me he had hand foot and mouth (BEFORE SHE LOOKED AT HIM), I informed her he already had it. She decided to take a look at him then and told me his lips where chapped and peeling. WOW THANKS!! Thursday Aiden was only worse so we decided to go for a second opinion at a different doctors office. Since Aiden's voice is completely gone and the only sound he makes is crying she knew it was something other than chapped lips. She immediately could tell he had thrush and a viral infection but also decided to take blood and urine sample. The blood test was fine and Aiden would never pee pee for his urine sample so we got a steriod shot, steriod breathing treatment (which was the longest hour breathing treatment), and magic mouthwash. He finally pee pee but we are haing trouble getting it in the bag. Aiden did not drink or eat anythin Wed. or Thurs. and as of today he has now drank 2 glasses of pedisure but no food. Please keep lil man in your prayers and me too since this is the most helpless any mom can ever feel. However the only thing that makes him happy is a bath and watching himself get messy in the mirror.Too bad he wouldn't eat this ice cream just rubbed it all over him to watch in the mirror.Bath time- he doesn't even look like a sick baby does he but that hair does???I just had to post it.


The Moores said...

I'll be praying for him. I'm glad you went to a second Dr. It sounds like the first one didn't even care. How frustrating!

Scott and Jenn said...

So sad! Poor little guy! Hope he is better really soon!

Jessica said...

poor poor baby! i will definitely be praying for him. hope he is feeling better soon!