Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I took over the blog again

My mommy told me I could do another blog post (for those of you {aka my mom} that don't understand today's post will be the voice of Aiden). I wanted you, mommy's readers, to see what I do on the weekends:

I give mommy love for her birthday, stand up on a bench so I can make daddy nervous I might fall,

eat out with my daddy's family (my mommy says they are the best in laws ever but I don't know what in laws means),
take pictures with my cousins (I usually throw a fit because when I do that mommy puts that camera up)hang out with my best friend, Will,
play on my slide with him, share my swing with him, and I even say his name all weekend long for more practice next time he comes over. I ride my 4-wheeler,try on Daddy's shoes,
take them for a test walk (now I see why mommy has been searching for me some of these things they are really comfortable), but mostly I just chill in my chair and listen to mommy whisper to daddy, "isn't he the cutest baby in the world."

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