Friday, March 18, 2011


*Disclaimer* If you don't want to know my opinion on parenting or understand sarcasm then you may want to close this page now.

SO last night as I was lying in bed, it came to my mind that people love to tell others how to parent. People love to criticize the way others parent their children or point out they would never do that with their child. Example: Your child will never cry in a restuarant, I mean what kind of parent would let their child cry in front of others. All children should breastfeed, if you don't your children will not be healthy. Your child will never tell you no, what kind of child learns such a word? Your child will never eat sweets or drink cokes, that so dangerous to let a child it things harmful to their body.
Ok I could go on and on but I'll get to the point of this post:

While I was lying in bed looking at my sweet boy laying beside me (because YES- we co sleep), I thought I can't believe how many people criticize parents for this. I love that I can hold my sweet boy all night long and wake up to his sweet smile in the morning. I've heard its dangerous and I may roll over and hurt him, believe me he will never let you roll on him without telling you. I've heard it takes away special bonding time between Brandon and I, well Brandon has undiagnosed narcolepsy and falls asleep just thinking about a bed or recliner. Don't get me wrong I fully believe that co sleeping is not the best route to go with a child, Aiden slept in his bed his first year of life, but for us it works and I love it.

Next yes my child drinks cokes, eat cookies, french fries, cake, pizza, and other yummy foods. Please PLEASE don't tell me your opinion on my child eating or drinking what I let him eat/drink. It works for me and when it doesn't anymore I will change it.

My child will cry in public, sorry it's just going to happen. My child will look like we dressed him in the dark sometimes because he loves to dress himself and I let him. My child does and will continue to tell me no and back talk me and he does and will continue to suffer the consequences of it. My child rides his bike without a helmet sometimes. My child pushes, hits, bites, and whines sometimes. My child is the cutest sweetest little boy in the world in my eyes and I love him so much because he is mine.
I may not be the best parent, I make many mistakes, I lose my temper, and I yell sometimes. But I have learned over the past 3 years that everyone parents different because every child is different. What is most important is I love my child unconditionally like my fathers love for me and I will continue to be the best parent to Aiden I can be, rather you agree or not.

As I reread this I realized it does sound harsh and like its directed to someone. But the other day I overheard a lady in line at a store talk about another child crying and that if that was her child she would yank him up and out of here. I politely said "You don't have children do you?"

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