Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pregnancy update 1

I wanted to do a pregnancy update at 12 weeks but since I will be in FL, I figured I would give you our pregnancy story and then a 13 week update.

As most of you know we have had a rough year, having 2 miscarriages. We started seeing our fertility doctor and I gave the results here. I have been taking my medicines since our last appointment.

I found out March 5, I was pregnant. I immediately started going for blood test to make sure my levels were rising like they are supposed to, which they are. We then saw the fertility doc at 7 weeks and 8 weeks to make sure the baby was growing. Everything was great and he released me to my regular OB doc here. The heartbeat at 7 weeks was 140 something and 8 weeks was 170 something.

We went to see my reg OB doc on Thursday. The nurse wanted to get the dopplar heartbeat on my belly but no heartbeat. The water works began and we had to have our 3rd ultrasound. We went to the ultrasound room and there was that baby moving around like crazy. She told us the baby was moving too much to get a heartbeat but she was able to pick it up, 184 bpm.

Which brings me to today.... everything is going well and I go back to the doctor when we get back from FL.

We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.
Week 7Week 8 Week 10 (ignore the date at the top, 36w6d, they didn't put in my info they were just trying to get a heartbeat)

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Very excited for you guys!