Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ansley's Birth

As I mentioned Ansley's birth, unlike Aiden's, went great with no problems. It was very very weird having a scheduled c section and being able to feel, hear, and even smell (yes there was some smells of the cleansing products they put on your skin) the procedure. To say there was no pain is a major lie, the pressure they apply- HURT! In one of the pics below you can see my face in the background, I was definitely between throwing up and passing out. I had a GREAT nurse anesthetist that held my hand and talked me through the entire process, she also kept the meds pumping! :) Everything after the actual surgery was great. I did have spinal headaches for about a week and, like with Aiden, I got the baby blues pretty bad. Now 2.5 weeks later we are good to go and enjoying live with our precious baby.
Seeing her for the first time
Ansley and Brandon
Aiden seeing her for the first time
Showing off his new boots that "Ansley got him"
Aiden's first time to hold Ansley
Family of 4

Going home
Thanksgiving 2011

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Mariellen said...

Oh the pressure!!! I remember them saying you will feel alittle pressure and what a LIE!!! It felt like people jumping on you which I later found out that two sugerical techs do actual lean on your stomach to help push the baby out. I am so glad you had a better experience. Congrats again on a precious little girl!!