Monday, October 27, 2008

hello doctor, hello pain

Today we went to the doctor for Aiden's 9 month appointment. He was so excited to see his nurse, Julie and I was so excited no shots. Boy was I wrong....9 MONTH APPOINTMENT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the worst appointment by far, Aiden has always done good with shots but not surprise ones obviously. We were not expecting shots today but we did have to have the flu shot which was not too bad. But before that shot we had to have his finger pricked for blood to be taken. She had to fill half a tube full of blood from his little finger. He just looked up at me for 3 minutes with tears streaming down his face as this woman held him down and squeezed every bit of blood from his finger, then attempts to put a band aid on it. The rest of the hour and half at the doctor where filled with screaming and crying until he finally feel asleep in my arms. Then of course guess who comes in... the doc! She wakes him up, pulls on his ears, takes his diaper off, and all the other mean things doctors do...haha just kidding Shanna and Laura! She finally picked him up held and calmed him down, then said FLU SHOT!! Needless to say, it was a sad day in Aiden and my life! However on the plus side he weighs 21 pounds and 28" long!
Because we are now having a problem getting Aiden to eat baby food (he only wants what we eeat) I was relieved she told us he could go to all solid foods!

On a good note we move into our new home tomorrow!


Scott and Jenn said...

Why did he have to get blood drawn? Is that a routine thing at 9 months? We go in a couple of weeks, so I was just wanting to be prepared!

I can't believe he is eating so much "real" food. Wyatt could care less about it. The only thing I can get him to eat (that he has to chew) are his Gerber puffs and potatoes!

Sorry for such a sad day. I know that going through all of that was no fun.

Laura Jo said...

HAHA! I won't tell Jason. Doctors are mean nurses too!!:)

Lora said...

That is so great that he’s on big boy food! He is getting so big so fast! I can not believe that he will be one in a few months!