Monday, October 13, 2008

Learning so much

Aiden has learned in just one week- the small things are so amazing to me. I can't believe how much he has grown. Almost 9 months old, time has flown by.

A few things I have to mention:
I was holding him and got ready to put him down to play, I simply began to turn him around, he grapped my neck and shirt and refused to turn around to be put down. He really needed some mommy hold me time. Sadly he has really really turned into a Momma's Boy.

When my phone rings Brandon's ring tone, Aiden smiles very big and says "DADADADA". Everytime Brandon calls I let Aiden "talk to daddy", I guess he has related the ringtone to Brandon.

A few people have asked about our home so I thought I would give an update. The home is coming on along. I have pictures and will get them up very soon. They have it painted and the flooring is getting laid this week. We move 2 weeks from Friday. We are thrilled and can't wait to get organized...except Aiden may not adjust well- he has gotten attached to his Daddy Jim and Gram (Brandon and I acutally have too).
Don't worry dad I will bring him over every morning so you can have your "copycat time". (This consist of one of them screaming, grunting, or singing and waiting for the other to it back and this will go on for 5 mintues or more. Aiden will ONLY do it with his Daddy Jim.)

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Scott and Jenn said...

That's so funny about the ringtone! He must be super smart to already recognize differnt ringtones.
You'll never believe it but Wyatt plays the same copycat game. He'll play it with Scott, my mom and dad and Scott's mom and dad (not me). His favorite though is to play it with my dad! I wondering how they chose to play what game with who?! Ah, these little ones!