Sunday, November 15, 2009


Have you ever wished you could learn to do something so bad and no matter how hard you tried it's just not for you? Well, one of those wishes for me is photography. Maybe I don't have the right camera or maybe it's just not my gift but for some people it is. I pledged Chi Omega with a friend, Elizabeth Wiggs, that photography is definitely her gift. Even though Aiden was not in the mood for pictures she snapped so many cute pics. I had to lower the resolution of the pics above so they are blurry. We took these pictures at my grandmom's house and the beautiful lady you see in these pics is her. I'm SOOO mad at myself for not getting any of just Aiden but atleast we have our first ever family pictures! If you are looking for a very talented photographer check out some of her other work here.


Jessica said...

LOVE the family pics! The 1st one is my very favorite! So good!

The Moores said...

great pictures!