Tuesday, August 17, 2010

puzzle master

These Melissa and Doug 24 or 48 piece puzzles are the best (or so I thought).
To say Aiden is obsessed with puzzles is an understatement.
So the story goes:
I got him a Bob the Builder movie at Target Saturday and he told me "I don't want it mommy, take it back and get me a puzzle." Well yesterday after school I asked him again Aiden are you sure you don't want your new movie. His reply "no mommy take it back and get me a Diego, Bob the Builder, and Dora puzzle". Thats not asking too much now is it? So you know because Aiden gets nothing he wants I must certainly would never go to Target return his movie and get 2 puzzles. :) However when I handed him the Dora and Diego puzzles (no bob the builder) he said "those are baby puzzles, I want those ones" So this is what he got:
a 24 piece and 48 piece Cars and Winnie the Pooh puzzle with no wooden board.
I wish I had a picture of him doing these puzzles. He mastered them with no problem.
I had him pick all the "straight edge" pieces out first. His response was "no mommy you have to get the corner ones first". Wow sorry I had no idea my 2 year old was such a puzzle expert.
I promise to get a pic tonight of Aiden doing these puzzles.
I also guess I better put a bug in Santas ear to return the (4) 48 piece wooden board puzzles he got Aiden.


Jessica said...

How funny! What a smart boy!!

Laura Jo said...

Aiden and Adelyn would get along great....she's a puzzle girl too! She's not quite gotten to 48-piece ones though!!