Thursday, October 7, 2010

Josie's surgery

So I haven't had the chance to update and let you know my best friend, Beth's, little girl Josie, which you can remember from my post here and a few post before that one, has a scheduled surgery date.

She will have open heart surgery next Wed. the 13th at 8:00am. If you have a chance to read Beth's blog you will see all the details. Please start praying now for Josie, Beth, Ashley, and the doctors.

If this gives you an idea of how much Aiden loves her. He cried last night because he couldn't go to Beth's at 8pm and see Josie. I told him he could look at her on my phone so he held it and walked around talking to Josie.

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Lyr said...

That is so precious about Aiden! Awe, kids are just so loving. I'll be praying for your friends little girl and I hope to hear updates!