Wednesday, May 25, 2011

15 weeks

15 week highlights

Total Weight Gain/Loss: no idea, I don't weigh, but I'm 100% sure I've gained

(this will probably come off the weekly post because I hate the whole weight issue anyway)
Maternity Clothes: Yes, I love them!

Gender: Find out in 2 weeks

(praying the baby cooperates)

Movements: I don't think so which kind of worries me.


Cravings: Salty potato chips and skittles (not together though)

Stretch Marks and Belly Button: Same as 13 weeks

Best moment this week: Aiden saying, "I can't wait to play with my "brother" and show him how to read. I'm not going to be jealous of my brother, I'm going to love him so much."

Aiden is so excited to be a BIG brother. It consumes 3/4 of our conversation at home. He has expressed his DEEP, DEEP desire to have a baby brother. I asked if he would be disappointed with a sister and he said no we can trade her for Bennett (Bennett is my baby nephew).

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