Monday, June 20, 2011

19 weeks

19 Week Update
Nothing, except Best Moment, has changed this week from 18 weeks so no need to post all the categories.

Best Moment: Shopping for girls clothes (I haven't bought much, I promise), picking out her bedding (I'm having someone make part of it and I'm making the rest- I LOVE IT), getting her crib together, hearing Aiden talk about his sister he loves so much, and of course feeling her moveMy boys putting her crib together. We have A LOT to clean out of this room before it's any where close to ready. It's now the home of my maternity clothes (which is 5 huge tubes thanks to all my sweet friends and family that let me borrow clothes), garage sale items, eliptical machine, the remainder of Aiden's clothes, and other junk! :)

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