Tuesday, December 4, 2012

St Jude Marathon

My cousin, brothers, and I started running the St Jude Half marathon/ marathon in 2005. We have tried to run every year since (except when I was pregnant or just had baby). We do the half marathon every year, except in 2010 my cousin and brother ran the full, and love it. It's for a great cause and I love having this memory with my brothers. Saturday was the annual marathon and this year running had a different effect on me than years before. We run beside LeBonheur Children's Hospital, which is where Ansley and us spent most of July!! It tugged at my heart a little running by but it made me push harder. I missed seeing my parents standing at mile 6 where they stand each year (dad always drove the back roads to park on the road and mom didn't want to try it- she would have gotten lost) and that too was hard! I hit a wall at mile 8 but around mile 11 or 12 I saw a sign from a spectator that said "This is nothing, you have been through harder"!! Ummmm hello...was that sign for me??? It gave me the push I needed!! I ran one of the worst times, if not the worst time, I have ever ran but it was fine with me because I did finished.  It was completely worth the cause:
The St Jude Heroes raised 5.7 million dollars for St Jude!!!! 
 About to run by Le Bonheur
 Cousin, me, and the brothers

 Their thoughts on this race

The thousands of people waiting to run

One of  the spectators :) 

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