Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Sorry the pics are not in order!! 
Aiden and I making a Christmas craft
In their Christmas pjs
The 3 babies at Thanksgiving (all 1 month apart) 

Thanksgiving came and passed quickly but it was an extremely hard day! I woke Thanksgiving morning and knew it was not going to be easy! I had many crying spells while cooking that morning and watching the parade but while getting ready I lost it! I just knew it wasn't going to be the same and honestly I wanted to go back to bed and let the day pass. But if my mom could do it, so could I, and we all did. We made it through the first holiday without my dad! The day before thanksgiving was my parents 35th anniversary! My brothers and I spent the entire day and night with my mom and it was so fun just hanging out! This time of the year was my dads favorite, he loved Thanksgiving and being with family and enjoying whatever we wanted to eat.  Last year my dad was doing well watching is eating and he told us before Thanksgiving Day he was going to enjoy it and eater what he wanted! I'm so thankful he did!!! Dad loved Christmas the most. There wasn't anything he didn't enjoy, he even Black Friday shopped with me (at Lowes or Home Depot) if I asked him to! My dad was known for making Peanut Butter Balls this time of the year, and he would take weeks making them for everyone!! He and my mom always did some major decorating. Dad would spend the entire day after Thanksgiving decorating the outside of the house (not like Griswold style). So we know the weeks will only get tougher but we know dad would want us to enjoy this time together. Please remember us the next few weeks!

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