Monday, November 10, 2008

our new home and thank you's

Finally I have some pics of the new home- the guest room, kitchen, and bathrooms are not fit to be photographed (in other words they are very messy). We are getting situated and we love having our home very much. I do miss having my mom and dad there and Aiden really misses them. It stinks having to eat supper with just Brandon and I every night and always having food left over. Aiden misses waking up and seeing his daddy Jim reading the paper. Mom and Dad, THANK YOU very much for letting us stay with you the past 3 months. Also we would have never made the move into our new home without the help of my dad who took his entire day off to help Brandon move in- THANKS! Brandons parents were a huge help getting things in, moved around, unpacked, and helping with Aiden. My brother came and helped us and was a huge help in getting the china cabinet and table together. Also beth came and helped us unpack the Uhaul which we would have NEVER gotten done if she hadn't helped. Thank you to everyone that has helped us over the past few months especially with storing things- Grandmom, Mom and dad, Mary Jane and Raymond, and Mel. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!
my bedroom- notice Aiden into the cords on the floor

Aiden's room from one view

Breakfast room, the chair and table brandon and I painted and my mom made the cushionsLiving RoomDining Room and my favorite pieces of furnitur- my dining room set (excuse the fabric all over the table- trying to find fabric for window treatments)

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