Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm getting so big

Today mommy has given me the opportunity to show off my excellent typing skills and exquisite vocabulary (with her help of course); however, she says my spelling is not that great so I'm sorry! I have accomplished a lot over the past few months and because I hardly get to see you I wanted to tell you some of my likes and dislikes I have developed. By the way in case you can't tell this is Aiden Ray!
  • I still only like to sleep in my own bed and to be left alone to fall asleep (mommy said this is good but not when we are visiting others or she needs me to nap elsewhere because I don't). Some days I go all day without a nap!
  • I can stand all by myself.
  • I'm starting to take steps but I usually only do it at school when mommy and daddy can't see! haha
  • I like eating table food but I fooled mommy she thought I wanted it all the time and I really just prefer baby food because I don't have to chew it!
  • I love patty cake, itsy bitsy spider, and peek a boo.
  • I hate to admit this but I am still a mommy's boy but when she's not around I love playing with my daddy.
  • Mommy's been teaching my to say Nonna, Gram, Daddy Jim, and Pop. I know she wants to me to say it but I look at her like she is crazy! I say Nonna but none of the others.
  • Moo, Baaa, oink oink, roaf roaf, quack quack- Mommy wants me to learn all these sounds and I think it is soo funny when she does it.
  • I hate getting my diaper changed, I wish they would just let me go in the potty.
  • My favorite thing of all day is getting to splash in the bathtub. Sometimes I will even throw my basketball bath toy in the hoop.
  • I remember when I was a baby and I would cry mommy and daddy would look at one another and say "It's your turn" now when I cry they both come running in the room. I think it's because I've gotten so big I don't cry too much anymore.
  • Sometimes I pull my bag down off the chair or couch and dig through it until I find my snacks. Mommy always says "Aiden Ray" I'm gonna spank you. (She never has).
  • When I eat my food I like to make raspberries when I have food in my mouth but mommy and daddy say "Aiden NO" and smack my mouth so I don't think I'm supposed to do that.
  • When someone tells me no I shack my head and make them laugh.
  • I know exactly who my Gram is and the first thing I do when I get to school is look in her office for her. The first thing I do when I see my Daddy Jim is yell out loud because I get so excited and I know he will play the yelling game with me.
  • I like going to Nonna and Pops and I'll actually let Nonna rock me.
  • I love my cousins. Quinton and Wyatt are fun to play with because they like to wrestle. Ally and Deaton are always so kind to me and share with me. Ella and Sawyer are little and I like to crawl all over them.
  • Finally one think I love to do is give my mommy and daddy kisses on the mouth. I really do miss them after school and when daddy picks me up I crawl as fast as I can to get to him!

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