Sunday, November 30, 2008

Santa Clause is coming to town....

After Thursday we did end up having an ok weekend, despite me being a little under the weather. Friday of course I did my annual Christmas shopping trip, this year alone because my mom was sick and I did a lot of shopping for her. I have to say no store I went to was really crazy. I even went right to Wal Mary got what I needed, walked to an empty check out line and left within 10 minutes. Saturday we did a little more shopping, no lines again! Then we went to Alamo to spend Thanksgiving with my grandparents (mom and granddaddy), aunt, and cousin. YUMMY FOOD!! Thanks Mom it was delicious. Brandon hates casseroles and this is the only place we go anytime that is not full of casseroles. So that was our wrap of the Thanksgiving break, back to work tomorrow, counting down the days til Christmas. Here are a few pics of Aidens toy and his sock obsession.

Our new stockings I love em

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