Monday, February 9, 2009

Bumps and Bruises

Aiden had an eventful weekend of many accidents. I guess it's part of being a one year old but Aiden is accident prone. He doesn't pay much attention to other people or other things around him, he lives in his own world that only he is part of. This weekend he did a great job of walking into a door, falling down steps (numerous times), falling off toys, falling out of chairs, tripping over anything in sight, running into tables, and pushing a swing that he didn't know would push back (he pushed the swing so hard it came back and knocked him down, a little funny I know). His head looks like he was in a huge fight. The response to most of the accidents was to cry but there were sometimes he would stand up, look stunned, and go on about his business. Although he got hurt a lot he still enjoyed playing outside all weekend with Brandon and I. Quinton and Wyatt came down and he really enjoyed playing on the riding toys with them and observing their every move. It really is interesting to see how much he has taken to them and enjoys being around them.
Over the past few weeks I have really noticed how much he is growing... Before he ate a cracker I saw him blowing (spitting) on it which he has observed me do many times. Yesterday at Los I had to order Aiden his own plate from the kids menu which ended up being $4 worth of chicken nuggets and fries all over the floor. When it is supper time he has started to walk to his chair and reach for me to put him in it. He blows kisses and has gotten good about covering his mouth when he sneezes (it is just more for laughs than actual manners). He has started saying words more than just one time. He knows his name very well and is starting to learn to put names with faces. When he comes into day care he runs straight to Ella's room while yelling Ella and walks up to her, they both grin and babble baby talk to one another (it's very funny)! He knows exactly how to get to my mom's office and can not start his day without seeing her first! I could go on and on!
It has been so fun watching learn and grow! I look so forward to waking up every morning to see him and what tricks he will pull that day!!!

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