Monday, February 23, 2009

Rock Star's

Wow it's been quite a while! I have been off all week and got to spend a lot of my weekend with Aiden. We had a lot of fun but I really think he started his terrible 2's at 1. He's very testing. When told no not to touch something he will put his hand right beside it and stare at me. I know he's thinking "Ok I won't touch but I sure will see how far I can get with this". There was one point in the week I thought my hand hurts from spanking him (no I dont beat my child but he does get disciplined). He knows things he is not supposed to do and he will look to see if I am watching him and then go do it. But besides just being into everything he has also showed off a lot of things he has learned. When I ask him where a certain person is he will look at them and smile (only grandparents, some cousins, and us of course). He has become our little slave (haha), he is happy to bring stuff from mommy to daddy and vice versa. When the phone rings he graps it with a big smile and hands it to me. He knows exactly what let's eat means, he takes off running to the high chair in excitement. He has started trying to say Cup and I love you! NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will steal your heart more than hearing your child say "I love you"!!!
On another note we got to spend a lot of time with our families this weekend. Brandons gdad had 6 bypass surgeries and is doing great!! On my side of the family we had quite a few birthdays over the past few weeks. The boys decided to create their own band while Ella watched wishing she was big enough to join in. Also we had another attempt as Los, this time lots cheaper because I discovered Aiden's LOVE for rice!

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Scott and Jenn said...

Wyatt is hitting his terrible two's early as well. I tried blaming it on getting teeth for a while, but you can only use that excuse for so long! Good luck!