Monday, September 14, 2009


Why is that vacation is just never long enough? This week Brandon and I took a week long vacation and had no plans but spend lots of family time together. We accomplished a deep cleaning of our vehicles and home (although you can't tell now). We visited the zoo, Great Grandma B, golfed, ate out a lot, watched football (too much actually), lounged around, shopped, got hair cuts, and much more fun stuff. the countdown is on til our next vacation- exactly 4 weeks.
Sorry about the blurry pics I will have to research the problem.

1st Tn game of the year

(no comments please on your team preference- I'm well aware of the lack of skill of my teams this year)

I did the best I could at getting him to take these pics, he really hates the camera.

worn out from all the playing during vacation

riding the T Rex at Nonna's house
(Aiden and Brandon are wearing their orange for the 2nd Tn game)


Jessica said...

Where did you find that house divided license plate? I have been looking everywhere for one, but never can find a State/TN one!

Renee and Brandon said...

i had it made, you can go to most specility sports store and they will order it. there are a lot of websites online that have them you can order.