Sunday, February 7, 2010

Before motherhood

Before motherhood I:

  • kept my house clean and never had to rely on my mom or mother in law for help cleaning it
  • knew the difference in a weekend night and week night
  • never wished I had just a few minutes to organize my drawers
  • went shopping and actually bought stuff for myself
  • went out to eat with friends and could just sit and talk
  • spent 50 a week or less in groceries
  • stayed well and healthy
  • had time to workout
  • could be sick and relax to get better

BUT that was before motherhood.


  • my house stays a mess and unorganized unless my sweet mom or mother in law clean it
  • I only workout on weekends
  • I shop with Aiden and only for Aiden
  • I hardly ever see my girl friends
  • my grocery billed doubled
  • when I'm sick I get this.....


disclaimer: excuse my look- I was sick and in bed.


Jessica said...

I agree...the "after" is way better than you could ever imagine before you're a mom. Hope you are feeling better!

Jennifer Baker said...

This is so sweet! I can't wait for the "after". I hope you are feeling better!