Monday, February 22, 2010

dear friends:

To my dear blog friends and family- I'M EXHAUSTED!!
I'm completely tired, stressed and just plumb EXHAUSTED.
This week and next are midterm weeks all I have done is read and study and I'm EXHAUSTED.
I haven't be able to go to bed early or sleep in late and I'm EXHAUSTED.
In 2 weeks is my spring break and I will be finally.........RESTED!!!

By the way for those of you concerned- I love school. What did I write that correctly- yes in fact I did. I have enjoyed every minute of learning this semester. I definitely know God lead me in the right direction when I decided not to pursue education and pursue speech instead. I have 1 education class this semester (this is the only class I didn't take while at Union and an education major) and 2 speech classes. This 1 education class has been miserable with busy work and test. My other 2 classes have been a lot of work too but Brandon literally pulls it out of my hands and ask me to talk to him and Aiden instead. I enjoy doing my projects so much that I can't put them down. I keep my school work in my purse so if I have some down time during the day I can work on it. MAYBE JUST MAYBE that's why I'm SO EXHAUSTED! :)


Tiffany said...

I am right there with you on being exhausted. School is killing me! I am glad u are enjoying school! I feel the same way (most days)! However I know all about the busy work and test seein I am an education major. I do love the days I get to go to school and teach though I actually look forward to getting up early!!! I hope school continues to go well for you and you keep enjoying it!!!

Jessica said...

Don't wear yourself out girl! Be sure to get some rest in there somewhere!!

Mariellen Cherry Rigby said...

I hope you get some rest girl!!! I am sooo excited you love it soo much!!! Finding the right career is definetly something you just know when it's right. Good luck with it all!!!