Tuesday, February 16, 2010

snow and valetines

With all the snow we have been experiencing poor Aiden has had to watch from the inside or play for brief seconds before school. Finally I was able to get off work early and we were going to play outside. After getting all bundled up and walking out the backdoor, the snow turned to sleet. Therefore I didn't get too many pictures but I was finally able to capture Aiden in the snow before school.
Valentines was so fun and after opening gifts at Grams and before opening them at home Aiden ask "Put the Christmas tree up mommy?" haha He doesn't understand all these holidays.

Who would have thought, he got shoes (and a Mickey Mouse table). I was extremely impressed after opening his gifts Aiden cleaned up the paper.

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Lyr said...

Love the pictures of him in the snow. So great!