Sunday, March 7, 2010

We will miss you...

Tomorrow one of my very best friends is moving and I am extremely sad. Aiden will be too when he realizes his best buddy is not 5 minutes away anymore. Aiden wook up Sat. and wanted to see Cade so Aiden and I got in our vehicle and drove our 5 minute drive to their house. Aiden proceeded to jump right out of the vehicle ran to Cade and together the boys ran to the garage and get out the riding toys. After 2 mintues the boys went inside. Aiden headed straight upstairs to Cade's playroom as if he lived there. Then as I was leaving it dawned on me Aiden has been to their house more than any of his other friends and Cade really is one of his best best friends. So I was very excited this weekend the boys did get to spend some time together. I know they will still be able to play and see each other often but it just won't be the same with their home not being here with us. OHH ladies and to make it worse- Tricia has been cutting my hair since 2003 so you may understand this is very traumatic. Next time you see me my hair my be down to my tail because I won't let anyone else cut it. :)
I love you Tricia and I will definitely miss you.

May 2009

The boys at Halloween as Cowboy and Indian

Me and Tricia

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