Friday, March 26, 2010

happy birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 2 of my favorite guys!
My nephew, Q, turned 4 yesterday!
What a special blessing he is to my family. Q was born 2 months early at only 2 pounds, he is also a miracle. I love you so much Q! I don't have a pic saved of him as a baby so here is Q as a baby.Q and my bro 4 years ago
Q and my bro now! Wow how they both have changed!
Today is my older brother, Brians, birthday (not the same brother that is Q's daddy)!
Nothing can explain the love, care, and appreciation I have for my brother. Being only 18 months apart we have always been close. I love you B!
disclamier: this is the most recent pic I have of me and my bro (2008), he has lost A LOT of weight so I posted a recent pic of him

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