Thursday, May 13, 2010

baby Josie

Most of you know my best friend Beth is announcement I made is here.

WELL she and her husband Ashley need lots and lots and lots of prayers. My heart is so broken for them right now and they need as many prayers as possible.

They got some news today that everything in their little girl, Josie's, heart may not have developed like it should. Basically there is a valve problem that is present in children with down syndrome. While she might not have downs she could still have this av defect and have to have surgery down the road or she may just be a small baby and the ultrasound could've caused shadows from bones etc. So there is nothing they can do but wait for her to come and keep monitoring her growth. Beth will go to the dr twice a week from now on. This is such a shock bc there has never been any indication that something was wrong with her heart. They went to the dr to check on her weight gain b/c she was on the small side. Josie is not due for 4 more weeks and all they can do now is wait until she gets here to know.

Please pray for them throughout the next weeks for peace, understanding, and miracles because we serve a God that is SO capable of them. I will keep everyone updated over the next few weeks.

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