Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a great weekend. It was very laid back and nothing much planned at all. Friday I was off and spent the day with Aiden, Saturday we went to the pool, Sunday we shopped and ate, Monday we spent the day at my grandmoms fishing. It was a great family weekend. Too bad I'm not much of a camera junkie these days. I saw my camera at the bottom of my bag the other day and thought oh may I should be taking pictures and then I opted to leave it and so enjoy spending time with my boys.

On another note...
Beth has a scheduled date to be induced on Friday morning. She will go into the hospital on Thursday night to start some medications she will have to have and Friday morning they will induce her. SOOO Friday we should meet little Josie and believe me the camera will come out for this. Please pray for Josie, and also Beth and Ashley as they get prepared this week to become a family of 3.

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