Monday, June 14, 2010

Tractor Pool....

This weekend we had a nice relaxing weekend. I must say though the English language really threw Aiden for a loop this weekend. We played in the "pool" all day Saturday with my niece and nephew and then we napped to get ready for the tractor "pull" Saturday night. While getting dressed, Aiden asked me why he wasn't going to wear his swimming trunks to the "tractor pool". We then spent a good 10 minutes explaining to Aiden "pool" vs. "pull". Despite the quick English lesson it was a great day! As you can tell from my previous post Sunday was just as fun- getting to meet Josie.Aiden loved this "Big Green Tractor" and/or "John Deere" Big Bird TruckAiden loved covering his own ears.He also loved cheering when they did good. He heard the announcer say "good job jake" and the rest of the time when we clapped he yelled "good job jake"
Daddy, Pop, and Aiden looking at all the tractors before the start

They love each other so much!
Maybe a little too much! :)
Sorry the pics are in reverse order!


Marksberry Family said...

Wyatt would have been in heaven at the truck show and tractor pull!

Jessica said...

So cute! I love the simple mind of a child!