Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ansley's Room Tour

I obviously had a lot of catching up to do, seeing as I made 3 post at one time! But here is what many people have been asking for- pictures of Ansley's room!

This is her room looking in from the door way! You see the right side of her room but the left is were the changing table is with BOXES of diapers stacked up!

Her bed!

decal above her bed

pillow on her bed

right wall of her room. Those are my baby shoes and booties.

her dresser with lamp, piggy bank from one of my best friends, wall sign from my mom, and

this is my wooden carousel that I had as a child.

The left wall area is still a work in progress!


Jessica said...

Wow, that little lady ought to be all set now! She got lots of goodies! I love the fabric in her crib set! It looks great! Did you get Edwina to make it or find someone else?

Mariellen said...

Very cute Renee!! I can't believe it is time for her to be here!!!