Monday, October 24, 2011

37 weeks

37 WEEKS UPDATE Total Weight Gain: same as 35 weeks which I never told but it's 30lbs..eeks!
Movements: At 37 weeks this girl still finds a way to move so much that it's miserable pain.
Sleep: I've gone from waking every 2 hours to waking about every hour to hour and half
Cravings: Anything, I'm really enjoying these last few weeks and the fact that soon I will not be eating this junk food again.
Best Moment Lately: I had a great shower at work last week and one more tomorrow. I've also enjoyed spending EVERY waking moment that I can with Aiden.
What I look forward to most: One more week of work! haha- how sad is that.
Update: I have still been having horrible contractions and now I have a weird pain in my upper legs. It feels like I've pulled a muscle but it never gets better. I've read it could be that she is sitting on a nerve.
Also, I must mention again Aiden is so ready for Ansley to be here. This has definitely been a patience practicing exercise for Aiden. On a funny note- I asked him last night if he wanted to watch a video of what they will do to mommy to get Ansley out. He of course was all about it until the blood and yuck and he immediately said "thats gross mommy turn that off".

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