Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bringing the weekend to a wrap

Well we had an eventful Independence Day Weekend! Friday we went to Medina to watch to fireworks show and Aiden happened to fall asleep right as we got there. I was really afraid the fireworks would scare him but he actually awoke right before they began and loved them. We met up with my cousin and her girls, Emma and Eliza. Emma just loved to fireworks but couldn't understand why she was an American and she was born in Tennessee. :)

Gina and her 2 girls Eliza and EmmaAiden watching the fireworks in Medina
Saturday was a rough day for Aiden, he has started teething. His gums are so white and I expect a tooth to pop through anytime! He cried all morning long and wouldn't nap. Finally at 1 we decided to bring his swinh outside and he was out until 5 when I woke him! :) He finally was an angel the rest of the night. My parents had our family over to their house on Saturday it was so interesting with all the kids (7 kids- last year there was only 3). It was really fun and we enjoyed seeing everyone! Today we will enjoy the day relaxing and not doing too much!

When Aiden finally went to sleep

Emma and Quinton playing in the pool

Sweet EllaAll the kids at my parentsAll the guys playing a friendly (haha) game of croquet

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