Friday, July 25, 2008


Holding his own bottle!
Hangs off his seat!!

Aiden is now half a year old. I can not believe how quickly time has flown by. He has his 6 month check up he is now 19 lbs and 11 ounces. BIG BOY!! He did so good for his shots, he just let out a small whimper. I quickly comforted him and he was fine and ready to go to school. The doctor did fill us in on a tid bit of important news. Aiden does not have asthma he has acid reflux- WHAT A RELIEF! It is something that can be helped with a little prevacid. She feels he was diagnosed with asthma because of the weezing but the weezing was cause from the acid reflux. It would also explain his constant need to spit up and throw up, which all babies do but Aiden's just is all the time. She also said the acid reflux can cause ear, nose, and throat problems- which is the reasoning behind his runny nose and congestion he has had since birth. I for one time in 6 months left the doctor feeling relief. I finally know whats wrong with my son.

On another note- we are moving in with my parents on next Friday. We will be closing on our home next week. We are so incredibily excited to have sold our home and I am so excited to go live with my parents for a little while but the home search is not looking good. Continue to remember us as we search for a home.

On a final note, please remember to keep Brody Dorris in your prayers. Brody is the son of Brandons best friend - David and his girlfriend Ginger Burch. Brody was born 6 weeks early and is doing fantastic but is still in the NICU feeding through a tube so his lungs can continue to develop. We are so excited Brody has made his grand entrance and can not wait to meet him.
Outside of the many new kids in our family we also have a couple of other close friends expecting. Ashley and Ryan Zwacki (Ashley and I have been best friends for 6 years) find out next Friday August 1 if Baby Z is a boy or girl. Ashley is due Dec. 25- Christmas baby!
Shanna and John Lee just found out they are expected 1 baby due in March (she was thinking it was multiples). Thats a miracle baby and a very high risk pregnancy due to Shannas battle with endometriocis for many years. CONGRATULATIONS to all our friends and you are in our prayers.

Sleeping so soundly in his big bed!

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