Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend wrap

What a great weekend we had to spend together. Brandon was actually off this weekend for the first time in awhile. We got lots of packing done and some boxes actually moved. We still have a long way to go, since we don't know where we are moving it makes the packing hard. We got to go see Brody (our friends David and Gingers baby boy). He is doing well and hopefully will get to come home this week.

Funny highlight of the weekend: Saturday morning i was getting ready to go spend time with my family and Aiden actually awoke 30 minutes early from his nap. Brandon went to check on him and try to get him back to sleep to finish out his nap. After I finished getting ready (30 minutes later- Aiden's wake time) I realized Aiden was no longer crying and Brandon was no where to be seen. I ran in Aiden's room to check on him and below is what I found:

You can see the excitment when I woke them up!

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E said...

This is HILARIOUS!!!