Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cotton Pickin Fun

We spent Sat. at my grandmothers home in Brownsville with all my moms family. Luckily the cotton had not been picked for the year and we could get some great pics. Aiden LOVED it. I definitely dressed him for the occasion in his Osh kosh overalls.

My sweet niece Ella- Brian and Carolyn's little girl. She is getting SO big SO quick!
Aiden showing mommy his love for basketball already...to bad thats my least favorite sport.I just had to show this pic of Aiden with his paci on the side of his mouth- it's so funny!

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Scott and Jenn said...

Great pics! I love staging them for fall pictures! There is so much to do with them!
By the way, that pic of Ella makes her look like your mom!