Monday, September 8, 2008

Get Well Soon

I'm afraid what we have avoided for 7.5 months has arrived .....TEETHING!! I don't see any white gums but he sure is favoring them, along with runny nose, fever, and major grumpy attitude. He has recently become very clingy to mommy and fussy which is abnormal for him. Although he's grumpy I can still get a smile- here's a pic before school Friday!

On another note I have a HUGE prayer brother, Brian, who is never ever sick (hasn't even been to the doctor in 5-6 years) has recently gotten pretty sick. After it continued on for awhile finally he had some blood test taken...not good results. PLEASE PLEASE pray for him as he waits to here what exactly the test show, the doctors have told my brother what they think but nothing definite.

Finally today is my niece's 6th birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLY- Brandon, Aiden, I miss you and can't wait to see you Friday. (Aunt Mel or Nanna can you read that to her please :) )

What a spiffy looking guy...future heartbreaker for sure!

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Scott and Jenn said...

Love his jeans! What brand are they? He is such a handsome young man!